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Peer-to-peer microgrids

Power Transition is a Microgrid Management Platform to transform how energy is used, managed, and traded by governments, businesses, and individuals.

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Decentralized identity management

MyEarth ID is a decentralized Identity Management System that allows users to control their digital identity data and securely verify it with third parties.

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Earthtile takes advantage of Hedera's low fees and energy use, speed, security and scalability to incentivize mass participation in ecological stewardship at a planetary scale.

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Open healthcare data to all

Acoer provides open-source solutions for pharma and life sciences to improve the transparency and efficiency of communication in healthcare.

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*Hedera is not affiliated with, and does not sponsor or endorse, the projects listed; the list is illustrative and may be incomplete; some projects listed are live and some are still under development.

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