Hedera Global Governing Council

Building the future together

Up to 39 collusion-resistant organizations lead the Hedera network.
Each Council member is committed to network innovation, stability, and its continued decentralization.

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Hedera is governed by the world's leading organizations

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Hedera’s governance
is decentralized by
design. The 39
members will be
distributed fairly
across time, region,
and industry.

Member Since07 Feb 2023

Decentralized governance

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Members of the Hedera Governing Council share an equal vote in the direction of Hedera's software and services. Hedera Improvement Proposals provide the Hedera community with opportunities for input.

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Unlike other blockchain networks, Hedera ensures stability for end-users and application owners with a no-fork guarantee. The Hedera Governing Council achieves this through technical controls via state proofs.

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At scale, we anticipate thousands of public nodes joining to support the network's decentralized consensus and growth. Council members run the initial set of nodes on the Hedera network.

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All members have a three-year maximum term, with up to two consecutive terms and an equal vote on network and platform decisions. Swirlds, the creator of hashgraph, has a permanent seat and equal vote.

Transparent governance

Each Council meeting is available within 30 days of approval by the Council, typically a few weeks following each subsequent Council meeting. Meeting records are immutable, recorded on Hedera using ProvenDB.

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Date Posted

October 8-9, 2022

The Council members approved the September 14, 2022 meeting minutes, directed the Technical Steering & Product Committee not to approve HIP 498 and to investigate alternative implementations of the feature, and approved the Open Source Task Force’s recommendation for (i) an open source project scope focused on the Hedera mainnet implementation and complementary projects and (ii) an open source governance structure based on a Linux Foundation/Cloud Native Computing Foundation model.

Dubai, UAE

September 14, 2022

The Council members approved the July 13, 2022 and the August 10, 2022 meeting minutes and the proposed Board Compensation Policy.


August 10, 2022

The Council members approved the June 10, 2022 meeting minutes, the appointment of Bill Miller as co-chair of the Membership Committee, Rich Widmann as co-chair of the Legal & Regulatory Committee, and Saiprasad Raut as co-chair of the Corporate Utilization Committee, and providing compensation to Board members for their service in 2020 and 2021.


July 13, 2022

The Council members approved the transfer of 2.35 billion hbars from Hedera’s Treasury to staff-controlled administrative accounts to be able to meet potential coin distribution obligations.


Building the future together

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Building the future together

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