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Why partner with Hedera?

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Differentiate Your Offering

Utilize Hedera’s unique services to expand your business. Hedera supports application use cases that most other DLT’s struggle to address.

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Generate Leads and Revenue

Grow your offering by working with Hedera to generate business and boost revenues. Deliver tooling and support to the broader Hedera ecosystem, independent applications, and Hedera Governing Council projects.

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Free Training & Enablement

Sharpen your developer toolkit with access to a library of comprehensive documentation and demonstration code. Gain access to Hedera Developer Advocates and a rich community of partner evangelists.

Receive Sales & Marketing Support

Leverage Hedera’s marketing resources to build awareness through exclusive opportunities for blog postings, press releases, webinars, podcasts, and other partner-specific marketing activities.

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“Hedera is uniquely positioned to accommodate a diverse range of use cases for our customers. As a systems integrator, it’s great to see organic growth within the Hedera ecosystem — it’s led us to many opportunities for building end-to-end solutions for our clients.”

Daniel Norkin
Cofounder and CEO

Systems Integrators

System integrators offer consulting and implementation services to support clients using Hedera across a wide range of application use cases. Hedera is committed to making it as easy as possible for systems integrators to build a profitable business through the implementation of Hedera.

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“We’re proud to bring further decentralization to the Hedera ecosystem by helping build developer tools and core services that make a positive impact to the broader Web3 community.“

George Spasov
Co-founder & Blockchain Architect

Technology Partners

Technology Partners help further decentralize the development of tools and services within the Hedera ecosystem. This includes features and functionalities found in the Hedera Services Code, as well as complementary tools that support application development, ease of use, network interoperability, and more.


ServiceNow has implemented trusted SLAs on Hedera via the Hedera Consensus Service. New capabilities emerging from DLT are now converging with core enterprise applications and represent the next wave for service innovation.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise organizations are embracing disruption by incorporating Hedera into their ERP, CRM, EAM, HCM, and other SaaS offerings to deliver the benefits of decentralization. Join Hedera as an Enterprise Application Partner for exclusive access to technical development and architectural support.

Building the future together

Join the innovative companies partnering with Hedera or find a partner to work with