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How to Query Historical Hedera Data with the DragonGlass REST API

Jan 03, 2020DragonGlass Team

The DragonGlass REST API allows you to query historical data by transactions and accounts on both the testnet and mainnet. Learn these basics to get started.

Hedera mainnet status: We're online, and have been

Jan 01, 2020Hedera Hashgraph

We received feedback from the Hedera community over the past 24 hours regarding articles and Tweets indicating council member nodes going offline, with one article citing a complete network outage. We’re upset by these false claims, because it does not represent the truth.

End-of-year employee distribution of hbars scheduled for December 31st, 2019

Dec 28, 2019Mance Harmon

As part of our commitment to transparency and as is our regular practice, Hedera is providing the following update regarding hbars that are scheduled to enter the market.

End of 2019: Message from the founders

Dec 23, 2019Mance Harmon

In 2019 Hedera fully opened its network to the public. After years of hard work, the vision is coming to life, and this is just the beginning. As we enter 2020, the purpose of this post is to outline Hedera’s plans for the new year.

Hedera Heroes: Write tutorials, earn hbars, & a holiday challenge

Dec 20, 2019Gehrig Kunz

Hedera Heroes is your chance to earn hbars for sharing how-to articles, lessons learned, demos, and anything else you think can help other developers get the job done.

Introducing Hedera Boost for startups to build, launch, and grow

Dec 19, 2019Gehrig Kunz

Hedera Boost, the first iteration of our new startup program, is now open to the world. If you’re in the process of planning, building, or launching an application that uses Hedera, it’s made for you.

Hedera Technical Insights: Latency on Hedera

Dec 16, 2019Paul Madsen

Latency is the time from when a transaction is first sent out from one node, until a node has received it and calculated its consensus order and consensus timestamp, averaged over all nodes and all transactions. On the Hedera mainnet we are currently seeing a latency of approximately 2.5 seconds for transactions. This post will break down that 2.5 seconds.

Hedera Technical Insights: Creating an Account on Hedera

Nov 19, 2019Paul Madsen

Once a crypto account is created, hbars can be moved out of the account (causing the balance to drop) only if the transactions directing such movements are cryptographically signed by the private key(s) associated with the public keys.

How AdsDax built a scalable decentralized message queue with Hedera Hashgraph

Nov 15, 2019The AdsDax Team

AdsDax is an end-to-end advertising platform that leverages the power of Hedera Hashgraph to tackle some of the fundamental problems of the advertising industry.