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Chainlink Labs Furthers Enterprise Focus, Joins Hedera Governing Council

May 20, 2021Hedera Team

San Francisco, CA and Dallas, TX – 20 May 2021 – Chainlink Labs, the industry-leading oracle solution, has joined the Hedera Governing Council, which oversees distributed governance of the Hedera network.

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Deprecation timeline for v1 of the open source Hedera SDK for Java & Javascript

May 11, 2021Brady Gentile

With the release of v2 of the Java and Javascript SDKs, a majority of Hedera developer community members have migrated to v2. It has come time to begin the deprecation of v1 for Java and Javascript; the deprecation of v1 will be completed in October 2021.

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New Hedera mainnet nodes and decentralization update: Électricité de France (EDF), Shinhan Bank, and LG

May 10, 2021Brady Gentile

Hedera Hashgraph, LLC is excited to announce that the mainnet has expanded from 18 nodes to 20 nodes, with the inclusion of Électricité de France (EDF) and Shinhan Bank. Hedera’s network is being further decentralized with LG’s node migrating from their transitional node in a LiquidWeb data center in Lansing, Michigan to their permanent node hosted by AWS in Seoul, South Korea.

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Announcing Scheduled Transactions on Hedera

May 06, 2021Atul Mahamuni

Scheduled Transactions is a new capability available on Hedera that enables multiple parties to easily, inexpensively, and natively schedule and execute any type of Hedera transaction together.

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Announcing the Hedera User Group (HUG)

Apr 29, 2021Brett McDowell

The aim of HUG is to workshop real-world application use cases and architectures, accelerate knowledge transfer across the entire Hedera community, and accelerate broad industry adoption of distributed application best practices uniquely enabled on the Hedera Hashgraph network.

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The 2021 State of Decentralization Report

Apr 27, 2021Andrew Llavore

The State of Decentralization Report measures and surfaces insights on the adoption of public and private distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) across various roles, industries, geographies, use cases, and company sizes. The report for 2021 will be used as a baseline for subsequent yearly reports and used to assess changes and trends in adoption over time.

Power Transition Sustainability Blog

Power Transition Blockchain Sustainability Report with Hedera Hashgraph

Apr 22, 2021Jiro Olcott

It is paramount that we help correct the narrative that blockchain and distributed ledgers cannot be energy efficient. As such, we've put together a report, Can a Blockchain be Green? to articulate the key areas to consider for sustainability. In the report, we propose that for a technology to be sustainable we must consider its long-term environmental, societal, and economic impact.

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Why Earth Day 2021 means the world to DOVU

Apr 22, 2021DOVU

DOVU passionate and hugely optimistic about the positive societal and technological impact blockchain and tokenization can have on our planet. We’re also very aware of the environmental impact our industry is responsible for and the damage it can cause.

NFT blog

Building an NFT Auction on Hedera Hashgraph

Apr 20, 2021Greg Scullard

How can we create a decentralized eBay that remains affordable, environmentally friendly, and fast? For this challenge, we’ve built an open-source NFT auction using Hedera Token Service and Hedera Consensus Service. We'll test it out with a live auction soon.