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2023 09 13 Testnet Restart Banner

Public Post Mortem 2023-09-13 Testnet Restart

Sep 15, 2023Hedera Team

At 23:30 UTC on Tuesday, September 12th, the DevOps team was alerted that synthetic transactions were failing across all network proxies in the Hedera testnet. This was confirmed and an incident was declared, as testnet is a production environment with 24/7 monitoring and support.

Hedera Council Matures Governance by Separating the Roles of Chair President Banner v2 1

Hedera Council Matures Governance by Separating the Roles of Chair and President

Sep 14, 2023Hedera Team

The Hedera Governing Council today announced its decision to separate the roles of Chair and President. Brett McDowell, who currently serves in both roles, has been re-elected as Chair for an additional two-year term.

Stablecoin Studio now available Banner

Stablecoin Studio, an open source SDK, now available on the Hedera network, enabling any organization to easily build stablecoin applications

Sep 13, 2023Hedera Team

September 13, 2023 - Singapore | Token 2049 - Stablecoin Studio, an open-source stablecoin issuance and management toolkit that makes it easy for Web3 stablecoin platforms, institutional issuers, enterprises, and payment providers to build stablecoin applications using Hedera network services, is now available on the public Hedera network.

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Stablecoin Studio: The Future of Stablecoin Applications on Hedera

Sep 13, 2023Brady Gentile

Stablecoin Studio was developed by Hedera, Swirlds Labs, The HBAR Foundation, and ioBuilders to help simplify stablecoin issuance and offer an efficient management solution. It is an open-source toolkit that empowers organizations to build stablecoin applications using Hedera network services.

JSON RPC Providers On Hedera Banner v2 3

JSON-RPC Providers Now on Hedera: Accelerating Developer Adoption with EVM Tooling and Wallets

Aug 17, 2023Hedera Team

Dallas, TX — August 17th 2023 — JSON-RPC, the native communication protocol designed for EVM-supported blockchains, is now openly accessible and ready for in-production application use on the Hedera network, the open source, leaderless proof-of-stake public network.

EVM Tooling Live on Hedera Banner v2 6

EVM Tooling Live on the Hedera Mainnet: Truffle, Hardhat, Foundry, The Graph, and MetaMask

Aug 17, 2023Brady Gentile

The Hedera Governing Council is excited to announce new features and capabilities powered by JSON-RPC via commercial providers that streamline developer productivity and pave the way for broader interoperability and adoption across Web3.

Hedera Governing Council Votes to Approve Changes to Staking Algorithm

Hedera Governing Council Votes to Approve Changes to Staking Algorithm

Aug 04, 2023Hedera Team

As part of its periodic review, the Treasury Management & Coin Economics Committee of the Governing Council has voted to adopt the following changes to the Hedera staking rewards program, which align with current industry average adjusted reward rates. These changes are expected to further the sustainability of the staking program as network utilization continues to grow.

Open Source Leader Spearheads Open Source Transformation Banner

Hedera Appoints Well Known Open Source Leader to Spearhead Open Source Transformation

Aug 03, 2023Hedera Team

August 3rd, 2023 - Hedera, the leaderless proof-of-stake network leading the next generation of the Web, has appointed Andrew Aitken as Chief Open Source Officer, to lead its realignment as a fully open source Web3 platform.

Expanding NFT Ecosystem Banner v2

Hedera's Expanding NFT Ecosystem: New Pricing to Meet Growing Demand

Aug 02, 2023Hedera Team

This fee schedule change will take effect on mainnet with the v0.41 release of the Hedera services code. The testnet upgrade to v0.41 is set for Tuesday, August 22, followed by a mainnet upgrade to v0.41 on Tuesday, September 12. Applications on the Hedera network should not require any modifications to adapt to this change.