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Bringing Further Rigor & Transparency to the Hedera Treasury Management Report

Mar 20, 2023Betsabe Botaitis

Hedera is committed to setting the industry standard for transparency, reporting, and business process maturity. We operate in a dynamic environment and fast-changing landscape, and the Council will be reviewing and evolving our reporting methodology over time.

HH Analysis and Remediation of Precompile Attack on the Hedera network

Analysis & Remediation of the Precompile Attack on the Hedera Network

Mar 11, 2023Joe Blanchard

On Thursday, March 9, an attacker exploited the Smart Contract Service code of the Hedera mainnet to transfer Hedera Token Service (HTS) tokens held by certain DEXs’ accounts to the attacker’s own account. The following is a summary of the attack: how it happened, steps taken to pause the attack and then permanently prevent it from happening again.

Hedera Consensus v2 1

Does Hedera’s TPS include Transactions Generated by its Consensus Algorithm? Spoiler alert: NO

Mar 02, 2023Hedera Team

We believe that no honest count of transactions should include 'how we internally came to consensus on the order of whatever volume of transactions were submitted by external parties’, however that might be done on different ledgers.

Selective Disclosure in the Guardian Banner v1 3

Selective Disclosure in the Guardian

Mar 02, 2023Derek Munneke

Guardian is a policy engine that links together tokenized digital environmental assets like carbon offsets, emissions, and RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) to the physical reporting, identity, and documentary data that substantiates their creation.

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Driving Sustainable Transformation at Davos 2023

Mar 02, 2023Issam Saed

At the 2023 Davos “the Future of Emissions” panel, thought leaders converged to tackle the pressing challenge of reducing carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable future by adopting viable ESG efforts.

Hedera Identity Token02

The Rise of the Identity Token

Feb 24, 2023Keith Kowal

The vision of Soulbound tokens is visionary, expansive, and controversial. The name “Soulbound” entices excitement and groans in most conversations. I would argue that there are a few reasons why neither kind of Identity Token described above realizes the Soulbound Token vision as it has been articulated.

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#CryptoGivesBack @ ETHDenver

Feb 16, 2023Michella Cerone

Looking to make a difference in the world while having fun and winning amazing prizes? Look no further than #CryptoGivesBack, a joint effort by Hedera, Giveth, and more to reduce the environmental impact of Denver after major events like ETHDenver.

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Hang with Hedera at ETHDenver: A Lineup of Fun Events You Don't Want to Miss!

Feb 16, 2023Michella Cerone

Are you ready for a week of fun, innovation, and social impact? Get ready to join the Hedera team at ETHDenver, where we're sponsoring the Social Good Track and bringing our A-game to the sponsor booth at the conference.

Querying Hedera Transcation History

Querying Hedera Transaction History on Arkhia - Arkhitect Awareness Series

Feb 07, 2023Arkhia Team

In this tutorial-styled blog post, you will learn how to leverage Arkhia to efficiently call transaction data from the Hedera network for use on your dApp. Using Arkhia as your middleware solution ensures critical data is consistently available. Let’s get started.