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Gossip about Gossip: Mid-Season 3 Catch-Up

Sep 30, 2022Hedera Team

This season on Gossip About Gossip, we've had the pleasure of welcoming speakers from a range of industries and enterprises utilizing the Hedera network for a diverse set of use cases. We've worked with our partners at MarketScale to provide comprehensive yet concise overviews of each episode this year; let's take a look back through Season 3 and examine some of the exciting developments happening on Hedera.

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ServiceNow ESG Public Ledger with the Hedera Guardian

Sep 29, 2022Nicola Attico

ServiceNow collects and aggregates data for ESG Management from all the Now Platform (Customer & Employee Experience, Operating & Technology Excellence), third-party applications, and external sources (through the Integration Hub). The recording shows ServiceNow managing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) through a manual data collection and tokenization workflow. The same approach applies across virtually all policies for tokenized ESG assets like the GHG Protocol or Verra.

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Hot DeFi Summer - A Retrospective

Sep 22, 2022Oliver Thorn

The Hot DeFi Summer on Hedera is finally coming to a close, but it's never too early to reminisce and get a glimpse of what we have to look forward to. Let's take a step back and examine some of the incredible milestones and ecosystem metrics we've seen on Hedera over the past several months.

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ServiceNow Token Workflows for Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Sep 16, 2022Nicola Attico

In this use case, we will see how ServiceNow helps organizations create and distribute their tokens. We will also see how ServiceNow can provide both enterprise wallets to allow the organization to manage the token lifecycle and integrate with customers' wallets to manage and present their tokens.

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Token Information Deprecated

Sep 13, 2022Devin Saxon

This November, token information returned by getAccountInfo, getAccountBalance and getContractInfo will be deprecated. For exchanges, wallets and dapp developers, users will need to use the mirror node REST API to access this information.

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Leveraging Ethereum Developer Tools On Hedera

Aug 25, 2022Abi Castro

The JSON-RPC Relay provides excellent usability for developers with existing workflows dependent on Ethereum developer tools like Truffle, Web3js, Ethers, and Hardhat to seamlessly build on Hedera. In addition, it makes it easy to integrate with Metamask.

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How to Send and Receive HBAR Using Smart Contracts – Part 2: Using Solidity

Aug 19, 2022Ed Marquez

Learn how to send and receive HBAR to and from Hedera contracts. Part 1 of the series focused on using the Hedera SDKs. This second part goes over transferring HBAR to and from contracts using Solidity.

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Hedera Named to Constellation ShortList™ for Blockchain Services

Aug 17, 2022Hedera Team

17 AUGUST, 2022 — The Hedera network, the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy, has been named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Blockchain Services in Q3 2022.

Q3 2022 saft exchange distributions

Q3 2022 distribution for SAFT Exchange Offer participants

Aug 16, 2022Hedera Team

In 2020, Hedera provided a proposal to all existing SAFT holders, offering them the opportunity to exchange their outstanding SAFT for a new form of SAFT.