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Sustainable Building Blocks Pt. II

Oct 19, 2021Wes Geisenberger

At the HBAR Foundation we believe Hedera Hashgraph is the home for the sustainability economy. We focus on building the economy based on a few key goals...

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Hex Trust, Asia’s Leading Digital Asset Custodian, Announces Partnership with Hedera, the Most Used, Enterprise-Grade Public Ledger

Oct 12, 2021Hedera Team

Hong Kong and Dallas, TX - October 12, 2021 – Hex Trust, Asia's leading digital asset custodian, today announced its partnership with Hedera Hashgraph, the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy.

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Network Expansion: IIT Madras

Oct 11, 2021Brady Gentile

The Hedera network has expanded from 22 to 23 nodes in the mainnet upgrade to v0.18.1 on October 7th, 2021 with the addition of IIT Madras transitional node (Node 22 | Account ID 0.0.25) in Mumbai, India.

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EMTECH and Hedera Hashgraph join forces for highly performant, trusted and energy efficient central bank blockchain infrastructure

Oct 08, 2021Hedera Team

NEW YORK, NY and Dallas, TX (Oct 8, 2021) -- EMTECH, an award winning software company modernizing central banking infrastructure for financial inclusion and resilience, with blockchain-based platforms, and Hedera Hashgraph, provider of the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public network for the decentralized economy, announced today a partnership to develop an enterprise-grade, highly performant, highly secure and energy efficient CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) infrastructure product.

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Mapping Hedera Token Service Standards to ERC20, ERC721, & ERC1155

Sep 27, 2021Greg Scullard

At Hedera, we’re often asked how Hedera Token Service (HTS) tokens map to the most ubiquitous fungible and non-fungible token models: ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155. Let’s dive deeper into the Hedera Token Service and highlight how Hedera token models and ERC token models overlap.

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Join India for a Hedera Hackathon presented by Lumos Labs

Sep 24, 2021Suzana Joel

On that note we’re excited to launch the Hedera India Hackathon 2021 for the Hedera ecosystem. We invite you to grab this opportunity to participate, learn from expert-led workshops, and reap the benefits with over $12,000 USD in total prizes.

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NFT Auction Recap: 488,766 hbars for Charity

Sep 24, 2021Gehrig Kunz

Today marked an end to the decentralized Charity NFT Auction on Hedera. Let's look at Hedera explorers to deconstruct how it went on to raise 488,766 for charity.

Charity NFT Auction Open

The Charity NFT Auction on Hedera is Open for Bids and Builders

Sep 21, 2021Gehrig Kunz

Blockchain and public ledgers present an opportunity to decentralize marketplaces. Smart contracts and validator networks can be used to increase trust and reduce fees commonly taken by intermediaries. Learn how we created the auction and your chance to participate.

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NFT Auction for Charity To Be Run Using Hedera Token Service

Sep 20, 2021Hedera Team

A new, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) charity auction will be conducted this week on the Hedera network to demonstrate how the recently launched Hedera Token Service and auction platform can be used for social good initiatives. The auction will go live on September 21st at 12 am PDT.