EVM Tooling Live on the Hedera Mainnet: Truffle, Hardhat, Foundry, The Graph, and MetaMask
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Aug 16, 2023
by Brady Gentile
Director of Marketing, Web3 Application Ecosystems

Web3 developers embrace the mission of disrupting traditional centralized systems by designing and building decentralized applications that empower users and establish trustless, transparent operations. To achieve this goal, scalable and secure network infrastructure is a requirement.

Same Network, Easier Development

To support this mission, the Hedera Governing Council is excited to announce new features and capabilities powered by JSON-RPC that streamline developer productivity and pave the way for broader interoperability and adoption across Web3. What's more, with MetaMask coming soon for retail users, it's crucial for Hedera-network-based applications to prepare for an influx of new users and adopt these new tools to create frictionless application experiences.

Empowering Dapps with Robust JSON-RPC Providers

You can learn how to connect to the Hedera network using a JSON-RPC provider by following this tutorial. To ensure operations of your decentralized application are efficient, JSON-RPC on the Hedera network is accessible via these providers:

Validation Cloud: Web3 with Node, Staking, and Data-as-a-Service (Free & Paid)
Our cutting-edge platform offers a comprehensive suite of API endpoints, meticulously categorized by crypto network, to ensure seamless integration and interoperability across the Web3 ecosystem.

Get started with JSON-RPC for the Hedera network using Validation Cloud by visiting their documentation.

Arkhia: Comprehensive Tooling and Infrastructure for Web3 (Free & Paid)
The Hedera network JSON-RPC Relay is an open-source project that implements the Ethereum JSON-RPC standard. As all services with Arkhia, monitoring, security, scalability, and resiliency are delivered.

Get started with JSON-RPC for the Hedera network using Arkhia by visiting their documentation.

Hashio: A Swirlds Labs Community Service (Free)
Hashio is a Swirlds Labs-hosted service based on the open-source Hedera network JSON-RPC Relay. It provides a JSON-RPC API, on top of the Hedera network’s native API transactions, that offers a familiar Ethereum-like API. The Hashio JSON-RPC Relay implementation is in beta, offers limited functionality today, and is intended for developers.

Get started with JSON-RPC for the Hedera network using Swirlds Labs by visiting their documentation.

Enhancing Smart Contract Development with EVM Tooling

Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing Hedera application or build something new, we've enriched the official Hedera network documentation with updated instructions, tutorials, and supporting examples.

And with the goal of making smart contract development as easy as possible, the most ubiquitous EVM tooling has been tested and made available on the Hedera previewnet, testnet, and mainnet:

In addition, please join the official Hedera Discord and check out the Smart Contracts channel for expert support, feedback, and community discussion.

Indexing with The Graph

Improve your Dapp functionality and manage data more effectively with The Graph, now available for indexing. Here's a tutorial for deploying a subgraph using your chosen JSON-RPC provider.

Boosting User Adoption with MetaMask Connectivity

To support the adoption of Hedera-compatible wallets among retail users, please see this step-by-step tutorial to build a Dapp on Hedera that supports MetaMask, HashPack, and Blade wallets.

By catering to Web3 developers' needs and preparing for future interoperability and adoption, the Hedera network is set to provide an ecosystem that makes decentralized applications more accessible and powerful than ever. Whether you're already building on the Hedera network or are a Web3 developer considering your options, these enhancements showcase the Hedera Governing Council's commitment to providing the tools and capabilities needed to create the decentralized future we all envision.

The Hedera Ecosystem Evolved

The Hedera network must be prepared to support applications and wallets that utilize JSON-RPC. This involves working with peripheral ecosystem providers and performing codebase changes that ensure a seamless user experience for both retail users and developers. Some of these changes include:

  • Enabling transfer capabilities for exchanges and wallets to and from 0x accounts.

  • Improved usability for retail accounts via updates to “token associations.”

  • MetaMask integrations across ecosystem Dapps for wider retail user access.

  • Compatibility with EVM tooling for seamless smart contract development, efficient testing, and streamlined operations.

While we anticipate the adoption of feature-rich native wallets, such as HashPack or Blade Wallet, having a MetaMask integration will ensure a swift and easy entry point into the Hedera ecosystem for millions of Web3 users.

Start Building on the Hedera Network

Whether you're looking to enrich your existing Hedera application or build something entirely new, the official Hedera network documentation has been updated to provide the latest instructions, tutorials, and practical examples to take advantage of everything JSON-RPC offers.

To foster a thriving developer community, we invite you to join the official Hedera Discord and participate in the discussion, receive community and expert support, and provide feedback on your experience.