NFT Studio: A Complete Video Series on Creating Hedera NFTs
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Mar 08, 2024
by Michiel Mulders
Developer Advocate at Swirlds Labs

Are you interested in learning more about creating NFTs on Hedera? Dive into "NFT Studio: A Complete Video Series on Creating Hedera NFTs" and learn how to leverage the Hedera Token Service (HTS) for your projects.

This series is created for developers, creators, and enterprise leaders alike, aiming to simplify the complexities of NFT creation, management, and strategic implementation.

Through seven detailed videos, you'll understand the HTS comprehensively, learn to navigate its features, and discover how to apply this knowledge to your projects. We'll guide you through each step of the NFT creation process, from conceptualization to deployment.

Here’s a breakdown for each of the videos in this series.

Introducing the Hedera Token Service


The first video in our series introduces the Hedera Token Service (HTS), detailing its benefits, especially for enterprise use. It highlights how HTS simplifies token creation without the need for smart contracts. The service offers speed, scalability, and low transaction costs.


Understanding HTS is crucial for developers who are considering blockchain integration into enterprise solutions. Its configurable compliance features and programmable permissions align with the stringent regulatory frameworks enterprises often navigate, making it an ideal starting point.

    This video sets the stage for exploring HTS' extensive capabilities and how to leverage HTS for efficient, secure, and compliant token management within an enterprise context.

    Creating an NFT Collection


    The second video dives into the specifics of creating NFT collections on Hedera, outlining key parameters like token name, symbol, supply type, and custom fees. It offers a practical guide to token creation, emphasizing the unique aspects of NFTs.


    For developers looking to venture into NFTs, understanding these parameters is fundamental. It enables the creation of tailored tokens that fit their project's needs, whether for digital art, gaming, real-world assets (RWA), or other applications.

    This video clarifies the intricacies of NFT creation, providing a clear path for developers to follow and innovate within the Hedera ecosystem.

    Token Association Explained


    Video three elaborates on the token association process on Hedera, an important step for token transactions. This pivotal step ensures that wallets only receive tokens that they have explicitly agreed to accept, thereby significantly enhancing the security and efficiency of token management. This mechanism is particularly crucial in addressing a prevalent issue in the blockchain industry: token spam.


    Token association is a novel concept for many developers. This explanation demystifies the process by showing the importance of managing digital assets and preventing unwanted transactions.

    By understanding token association, developers can better design user experiences that ensure seamless and secure token transactions.

    What’s the Cost of Operating NFTs


    The fourth video breaks down the costs associated with creating and managing NFTs on Hedera, including token creation, minting, and transfer fees. It provides a clear formula for calculating these costs, making financial planning transparent.

    What sets Hedera apart is its fixed cost structure, denominated in dollars. Unlike other platforms that involve transaction fees that can fluctuate based on network congestion or cryptocurrency valuation changes, Hedera offers predictable pricing.


    Cost is a significant consideration for any project. This video helps developers and enterprises estimate the financial implications of their NFT initiatives to ensure they align with budgetary constraints.

    The detailed cost breakdown also highlights Hedera’s advantage in offering predictable and low transaction fees, making it an economically viable platform for NFT projects.

    An Overview of NFT Permissions and Features


    The fifth video offers an in-depth look at the keys and permissions available for tokens on Hedera, such as the admin key, freeze key, and Know Your Customer (KYC) key, among others. It discusses the functionality and security benefits of each.


    Understanding these keys and permissions is vital for creating secure and compliant tokens. This knowledge enables developers to implement features that meet their project's requirements while ensuring regulatory adherence.

    This segment is particularly important for projects that require a high degree of control and security over their tokens, providing the tools needed to achieve these objectives.

    Setting and Enforcing Royalty Fees


    The sixth video explores the concept of custom fees on Hedera, including fixed and royalty fees. It details how these fees can be set for NFT transfers, offering a revenue model for creators and projects.


    Understanding how to set and enforce royalty fees is paramount for NFT creators and projects looking for monetization strategies. This video provides the knowledge needed to implement such mechanisms effectively.

    This video about custom fees opens up avenues for sustainable project funding, highlighting Hedera's flexibility in catering to the economic aspects of token management.

    Correctly Creating NFT Metadata


    The final video in the series focuses on the importance of token metadata in the Hedera ecosystem, explaining the standard JSON schema used for NFTs. It emphasizes the role of metadata in ensuring interoperability and identification across platforms.


    Metadata is the backbone of digital tokens; it provides essential information and enhances their utility across applications. This video equips developers with the knowledge to correctly structure metadata and enhance the value and usability of their tokens.

    As the concluding piece, this video ties together the technical aspects of token creation with the broader theme of digital asset management, encouraging best practices in metadata creation.


    As we wrap up NFT Studio, you've learned about all the decisions you need to make as an NFT owner. This series has been designed to empower developers, creators, and business leaders alike to leverage NFTs in innovative and impactful ways. If you want to get your hands dirty on some code, check out the following resources: