Hedera at the heart of Data Integrity and AI

Hedera enhances data integrity, crucial for accurate decision-making, operational efficiency, and trustworthy AI applications. Its governance and consensus mechanism ensure a reliable data foundation for enterprises, reducing errors and enhancing business agility.

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Consistent and reliable data integrity streamlines business processes, minimizes the need for data corrections, and reduces operational bottlenecks. Hedera enhances these efficiencies with its high-throughput capabilities and low-cost structure, helping business operate more smoothly at a predictable budget.

Improved Decision Making

AI relies on high-quality data to generate actionable insights. Hedera ensures the consistency and reliability of data across its network, enhancing AI’s ability to make precise predictions and informed decisions.

Regulatory Compliance and Trust

In highly regulated industries, adhering to data management regulations is crucial. Hedera’s immutable ledger enhances regulatory compliance by providing an auditable trail of data modifications and access, crucial for AI-driven systems that require dependable data to make accurate decisions.
Hedera Data Integrity EQTY Lab

“Hedera’s commitment to sustainability and pioneering efforts to making a carbon-negative public network a reality, as well as the security and trustworthiness of the network were critical to our efforts at EQTY Lab to help make ClimateGPT a reality.”

- Ariana Fowler, Head of Research
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“We’re excited to be wrapping our AI NFTs on Hedera, to help better manage their usage, while benefiting from the fast, energy efficient, and secure decentralized network provided by Hedera''
- Vali Malinou, Head of Blockchain

“What got us excited about Hedera is its ability to deliver immutable authenticity at scale for hundreds of thousands of SAFE users.”

- Ken Mayer, CEO & Co-Founder

The Intersection of AI and Distributed Ledger Technology: A Paradigm Shift for Humanity

Monique Marrow, independent director on Hedera's Board, highlights Hedera’s discussions at the 2024 World Economic Forum in Davos on AI, DLT, tokenization, and Web3, emphasizing their role in fostering economic inclusivity and the importance of ethical development for a prosperous future.

Data Integrity Resources

Beginning the journey of ensuring data integrity on Hedera, here are some tools to initiate your development process.

What is Data Integrity?

It’s easy to define what data integrity is, but it takes rigorous application of the right tools to make sure data stays accurate and safe.

EQTY Labs and AI

EQTY Labs brings open source AI integrity framework to Hugging Face community with industry-first native Hedera integration.

Data Integration Challenges

Here’s a look at eight common common data integration challenges and the best practices for overcoming them.

Zero-knowledge Proof: Don’t Say the Secret Word

Zero-knowledge proofs refer to cryptographic mechanisms by which an actor is able to prove knowledge of some facts without disclosing the fact.

The Intersection of AI, Distributed Ledger Technology

This blog reflects insights from WEF 2024 Davos, emphasizing transformative potential of AI, DLT, tokenization and Web3 in reshaping industries.

Getting Started

Step-by-step tutorial on getting started with the Hedera network.

Real-time auditability for every interaction

Requests to delete or update user preferences should be managed in real-time. The ability for a company to prove the acknowledgement and response to these requests, too. Transparantly manage your regulated data processes using a tamper-proof and auditable log with Hedera consensus service.
Human Intervention
Sole Restrictions
Tolerance to opt-out
Hedera Data Integrity Taekion

Taekion’s TFS Lite is the first platform to allow entire files and computer file systems to be stored on the blockchain making these files encrypted, immutable, and tamper-proof for the entire life-cycle of the data, and is launching a private beta on Hedera mainnet.

One Span logo white
Guy Harrison, Enterprise Architect of OneSpan, demonstrates how the platform uses Hedera for data integrity across various industries. The presentation includes insights into OneSpan's technical architecture and why they chose Hedera as their public distributed ledger.

Leading Innovation with Hedera

The Hashgraph Association is an independent non-profit organization focused on building a vibrant innovative ecosystem for startups, enterprises, and government institutions around the world, leveraging the capabilities of Hedera. Hashgraph to design and develop enterprise-grade solutions and decentralized applications.

Carbon negative commitment

The efficiency of hashgraph consensus enables Hedera to be the most sustainable public network, based on average energy consumed per transaction (0.000003 kWh), according to a recent study conducted by University College London.

In addition, Hedera has committed to being a carbon-negative public network through the purchase of quarterly carbon credits to offset the small amount of emissions from all public-facing infrastructure.

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