Introducing Arkhia: Empowering Developers on Hedera with Tooling & Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure
Feb 07, 2023
by Arkhia Team

As an increased number of developers continue to deploy new decentralised applications (dApps) on the Hedera network, these builders have two important decisions to make: how they should connect to the Hedera Mirror Network and which developer tools are best suited to build reliable, scalable dApps for adoption today and into the future.

To power their applications and receive data from the Hedera network, developers today have two options when connecting their applications to the Hedera Mirror network.

  1. Create and maintain their own private Mirror Node and infrastructure, or
  2. Utilise the Hedera public Mirror Network

The first option may have a higher time cost to build, but it provides unmatched control over all aspects of a builder’s work. By running their own Mirror Node, builders benefit from greater flexibility but must assume an increase in resources spent on maintenance.

The second option was adequate during the early stages of Hedera, however, as the ecosystem continues to gain new dApps and users, projects are competing for increasingly limited bandwidth of the public Mirror Node network. This results in limited service levels that may not serve the needs of all solutions (and to be fair it was never intended to as such - hence the option to host your own Mirror Node).

The New Solution

Arkhia empowers Web3 developers on Hedera by providing comprehensive tooling and highly resilient infrastructure for all of your development and API needs. Arkhia provides builders and teams with enterprise-grade Infrastructure, robust and secure APIs, and Platform Solutions that enhance and streamline developer operations and analysis.

With Arkhia, developers don’t have to worry about launching their own Mirror Nodes nor be concerned about its maintenance. They additionally have a dedicated Mirror Node service with Arkhia that scales with their needs and doesn’t compete with other dApps for a shared bandwidth like the public network.

Arkhia’s platform offers a suite of services and tools to enhance dApp development including data statistics and analytics, customer support, team management, and more, allowing developers and businesses to make the most of our infrastructure. A rich set of Arkhia APIs are also offered, allowing for an extra layer of value for third parties. To learn more about the features of Arkhia, visit the Arkhitect Awareness Series on Medium for educational blog posts on Arkhia’s features for both developers & non-technical users alike.

Developers choosing Arkhia can rest assured that sufficient data from the Hedera public network will be available, as well as countless features streamlining mission-critical features and analytics that allow your dApp to reach its potential. No developer wants to be worried about these issues, they want to focus on building and creating value. Arkhia allows you to focus on building your vision, we’ll handle the rest. Sign up at and start building out your vision on Hedera today.


Arkhia is an enterprise-grade Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider for decentralised technologies. We are empowering organisations, teams, and individuals to build fast, modular, and scalable solutions in our high-availability environments for Web3 applications. Purposely built for reliability, resilience, and high throughput, the Arkhia API suite benefits anyone needing ultra-reliable network uptime for mission-critical applications. To learn more about how we provide enterprise-grade infrastructure, visit, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Twitter (@arkhia_io)LinkedIn, and Reddit.