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Analyst coverage

The world's leading firms are covering Hedera's role in the nascent distributed ledger industry. Click on a tile to read more.

Coverage Forrester

Predictions 2020: Distributed Ledger Technology Moves Beyond Proof Of Concept

In 2020, enterprises will increasingly focus on operational matters, demanding deployment flexibility and interconnectivity between networks. Here are three of our 2020 predictions for DLT: more than 80% of blockchain deployments will be hybrid or multicloud — or both, interoperability will move center stage, and the public vs. private/permissioned blockchain debate will reach executive teams.

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Coverage Fundstrat

Google partnership and ecosystem growth validate go-to-market strategy

Token restructuring completion and growing network usage are keys to price discovery.

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Coverage Gartner

Cool Vendors in Blockchain Technology

The purpose and benefits of blockchain across the enterprise are evolving rapidly. The decentralization and immutability of blockchain records play a key role in the offerings of three emerging vendors. Application leaders should investigate their offerings.

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Press Mosaic

Hedera Hashgraph Transparency Report 2020

The findings in this report are based on the analysis of new data set collected from Hedera Hashgraph, LLC and 26 decentralized applications. The total number of active projects migrating to Hedera makes it one of the most promising platforms. The study utilized both public and previously non-public empirical data to present new insights on an innovative and rapidly evolving sector of the cryptoassets ecosystem.

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Coverage 451 Research

Hedera Hashgraph launches its consensus service, expands its governing council

Distributed ledger technology network Hedera Hashgraph is exploring hybrid use cases with the launch of its pluggable consensus service. Google, University College London, and Wipro have recently joined its governing council.

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