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DORA Price Feeds Now Live Banner

Supra's DORA Price Feeds Now Live on Hedera

Feb 29, 2024Hedera Team

It's time to unlock the power of real-time data on Hedera. Supra's DORA price feeds offer the reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness you need to build cutting-edge applications. Use this oracle integration to inform user decisions, optimize your applications, and push the boundaries of your solution on Hedera.

Council Bitgo Announcement

BitGo joins the Hedera Council to further the success of the Hedera network and support innovation

Feb 28, 2024Hedera Team

Wednesday, February 28, 2024 — BitGo Trust Company Inc., the leading digital asset trust and security company, has joined the Hedera Council to support innovation and invest in the future success of the Hedera network.

Protocol Level Account Abstraction Banner

Account Abstraction at the Protocol Level

Feb 14, 2024Brendan Graetz

This article will cover the account abstraction concept in a nutshell, how Web3 adoption is held back and how account abstraction removes the barrier, protocol-level account abstraction and how it differs from current account abstraction implementations, and Hedera’s unique capabilities among EVM networks that enable protocol-level account abstraction.