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Account creation fee increase and fee change processes

Apr 14, 2021Hedera Hashgraph

Fees for the CryptoCreate Hedera API call have increased to $0.05 USD. Additionally, a new process using Hedera Improvement Proposals (HIPs) has been implemented to ensure the developer community has input and transparency in key network decisions.

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One Billion Hedera Mainnet Transactions

Apr 13, 2021Gehrig Kunz

Since Hedera mainnet's open access in September of 2019, the network's utility has quickly grown. Today marked the one billionth transaction on the mainnet. A moment worth celebrating and reflecting on how the community achieved this milestone.

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Shinhan Bank Furthers Digital Transformation Plans, Joins Hedera Governing Council

Apr 13, 2021Hedera Hashgraph

Seoul, Korea and Dallas, TX – 14 April 2021 – Shinhan Bank (KRX: 055550), the leading bank in South Korea, has joined the Hedera Governing Council, the body that oversees distributed governance of the Hedera network.

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