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How to Approve Fungible Token and NFT Allowances on Hedera - Part 3: ERC Standard Calls

Nov 29, 2022Abi Castro

Learn how to treat a Hedera Native Token, Fungible or Non-Fungible, like an ERC token, by creating a smart contract that leverages the ERC standard contract calls and uses the Hedera SDK to approve allowances. Follow along as we walk through approving an allowance for an account, transferring ownership of tokens using the allowance, and removing the previously approved allowance.

Hedera x Dev DAO v2

Hedera x DevDAO: Developer workshops, Twitter spaces, and community building

Nov 18, 2022Brady Gentile

We're proud to sponsor Developer DAO's global, decentralized organization of web3 builders, including developers, marketers, degens, community managers, enthusiasts, and more. The community they’ve built is exceptional, and we’re privileged to support their efforts in helping create a better internet for us all.

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Enoughtea Foundation and Maltin on Movies’ Ukraine FilmFest Launches in LA and London, with NFT Auction Aiming to Raise Funds for Ukrainian Citizens

Nov 17, 2022Hedera Team

November 17, 2022 - The Ukraine FilmFest will take place on November 20th in Los Angeles, and November 26th in London, as part of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s UNITED24 initiative, which is the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine.