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Charity NFT Auction Open

The Charity NFT Auction on Hedera is Open for Bids and Builders

Sep 21, 2021Gehrig Kunz

Blockchain and public ledgers present an opportunity to decentralize marketplaces. Smart contracts and validator networks can be used to increase trust and reduce fees commonly taken by intermediaries. Learn how we created the auction and your chance to participate.

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NFT Auction for Charity To Be Run Using Hedera Token Service

Sep 20, 2021Hedera Team

A new, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) charity auction will be conducted this week on the Hedera network to demonstrate how the recently launched Hedera Token Service and auction platform can be used for social good initiatives. The auction will go live on September 21st at 12 am PDT.

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Introducing the Hedera Treasury Management Report

Sep 19, 2021Hedera Team

Hedera is improving its reporting of the Hedera Council’s allocation and distribution of their pre-minted supply of hbars by launching the Hedera Treasury Management Report, a dynamic website detailing when and why such pre-minted hbars are released to an individual or entity other than Hedera.

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