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2022 How to Deploy Smart Contracts on Hedera Using Truffle Image 0 Thumbnail

How to Deploy Smart Contracts on Hedera Using Truffle

Aug 09, 2022Pathorn Tengkiattrakul

The Hedera JSON RPC Relay enables developers to use their favorite EVM-compatible tools such as Truffle, Hardhat, Web3JS, EthersJS, to deploy and interact with smart contracts on the Hedera network. The relay provides applications and tools seamless access to Hedera while masking implementation complexities and preventing reductions in performance, security, and scalability.

This tutorial shows you how to deploy smart contracts on Hedera using Truffle and the JSON RPC Relay.

2022 CREATE2 On Hedera Introduction Image 0 Thumbnail

The CREATE2 Opcode on Hedera: An Introduction

Aug 05, 2022Cooper Thompson

The Hedera network provides a powerful decentralized platform, supporting native tokenization, robust smart contracts, and more. HIP-329 introduced the ability to use the CREATE2 opcode on the Hedera network. The power of CREATE2 comes from the deterministic nature of the deployment, meaning the address is easy to compute even before a smart contract gets deployed to the address. Pairing the predictable low fees and scalability of Hedera with the power of the CREATE2 opcode enables users to build incredible user experiences. Read this article for an introduction to the CREATE2 opcode.

Transfer Token SDK Thumb 001

How to Send and Receive Hedera Tokens Using Smart Contracts - Part 1: SDKs

Aug 05, 2022Francesco Coacci

Learn how to exchange Hedera Tokens between entities using the SDK. We'll start by creating an account as a token treasury, then explain how to associate tokens to contracts, how to update contracts, and finally, how to transfer tokens.