Wallets on Hedera Collaborate to Launch WalletConnect Integrations
Dec 18, 2023
by The WalletConnect Working Group for Hedera
Hgraph, HashPack, Kabila, Blade, Dropp, Calaxy, Wallawallet, + Doerksen & Davenport Inc.

This year has seen significant progress and development across numerous projects within the Hedera ecosystem. One of those initiatives is the highly anticipated WallectConnect integrations for Hedera, developed and led by dozens of community members in a remarkable, collaborative effort. This community-led initiative makes it possible for any wallet on Hedera to work seamlessly and securely with any dApp on Hedera, removing friction for developers and opening new doors for other networks to connect with the Hedera network.

The WalletConnect Working Group on Hedera consists of wallet providers including HashPack, Kabila, Calaxy, Dropp, Blade, Wallawallet and other contributors, such as those involved with HIP-820, with Hgraph leading the initiative and development, and Doerksen & Davenport Inc. providing community project management. Guidance and resources from Swirlds Labs has enabled the working group to amplify their efforts and realize their vision.

What is WalletConnect?

Founded in 2018, WalletConnect has become a trusted name in web3, achieving widespread adoption with its integration by hundreds of wallets and thousands of dApps across many networks, bridging everything together seamlessly and securely.

Before the arrival of WalletConnect into the Hedera ecosystem, wallets and dApps were like people in a room who were speaking different languages, with new people entering the room unable to easily join the conversation. Now, with the addition of WalletConnect, everyone can speak a shared language!

How WalletConnect Works

To use a dApp with WalletConnect, simply scan a QR code or click a link that copies a pairing string to initiate a connection request with your compatible wallet. Once you approve the connection, WalletConnect establishes a secure, encrypted channel between your wallet and the dApp for future interactions.

Wallet Connect Homepage

For transactions (like sending crypto and NFTs, or even creating a smart contract or new account), the dApp sends a request to your wallet. You can review and either approve or reject this request. This process ensures user control over all transactions. Bridge servers securely relay messages between the dApps and your wallet without accessing the content, thus ensuring privacy and security.

A True Community Initiative

What makes WalletConnect on Hedera unique is the story behind it. In a truly organic series of events, wallet providers and community developers came together to conceptualize ways to bring WalletConnect to Hedera. The path to success was never a straight line; it was a journey filled with twists and turns. However, with support from Hgraph and Swirlds Labs, the initiative successfully reached the finish line. It was a project by the community, for the community!

Departing from traditional approaches, the working group decided in October 2023 to publicize its internal project milestones, meeting recordings and conversations. This decision set a new standard for fostering community-led initiatives. With a focus on action, communication, and collaboration, the initiative captured the attention of WalletConnect themselves.

"Hedera’s leaderless network, user-centric approach, and carbon negative commitments are a great contribution to the web3 ecosystem and provide promising foundations for real-world use cases. With a growing ecosystem and thriving community, we’re excited to see how the Hedera community taps into the power of WalletConnect and products like Web3Modal, Web3Wallet and Web3Inbox.”

— Jess Houlgrave, COO, WalletConnect

An Integration for All Dapps, Wallets, and Users

The new WalletConnect integration on Hedera is a significant upgrade that simplifies the process for dApp creators, wallet providers, and users. Instead of having to ensure each wallet on Hedera is compatible with every dApp, developers can now use WalletConnect to streamline this process in one step. This saves time and allows them to focus on more exciting and fun aspects!

This integration also benefits users, as it simplifies the use of various dApps with their wallets. Users will be able to use their favorite wallets with their preferred dApps without worrying about compatibility issues. Overall, WalletConnect is set to enhance efficiency and user-friendliness within the Hedera community, benefiting everyone.

Wallet Connect Before After

“This library had to be built, both for dApps and wallets to seamlessly integrate with the protocol and the team at Hgraph were instrumental in bringing the community together around this initiative. Thanks to WalletConnect for Hedera, dApp developers no longer need to code for specific wallet support and dApp users will be able to use a wallet of their choice, whether it's a browser extension, desktop or mobile app, giving them greater choice and accelerating adoption of dApps on the Hedera network.” — Greg Scullard, Executive Director EMEA, Swirlds Labs

This initiative offers advantages to the Hedera ecosystem and network. By creating a unified, interoperable standard for wallet-to-dApp communication, we are addressing more than just a technical issue; we are building bridges within the community. This fosters a more cohesive, collaborative, and innovative environment, making it easier for developers to create new applications and for users to engage with them. It's a mutually beneficial situation that elevates the entire network, making Hedera more appealing for future partnerships and integrations.

So What’s Next?

Wallets and dApps on Hedera are currently rolling out their inaugural WalletConnect integrations and users can expect to see these go live in January 2024. This critical stage signals the last step in this initiative to begin seeing the initial community feedback and continued development and improvements.

Wallet integrations currently used by dApps will be upgraded and wallet providers will be available to assist these transitions. Additionally, to aid developers, an open-source reference library will be available on the hashgraph repository. Comprehensive documentation and tutorial videos are scheduled for early January release, complemented by integration support from wallet providers and Hgraph. Useful resources for developers include the official Hedera JSON-RPC methods on the WalletConnect specs website and a live, Javascript browser demo from Hgraph.

We encourage everyone to stay informed through official channels and social media. Community participation in HIP-820 discussions is also crucial for enhancing the wallet ecosystem on Hedera.

Wallets are a cornerstone of any web3 ecosystem, including Hedera. They act as the primary access point for community members, developers, and enterprises to the Hedera network. They are indispensable for achieving our mass adoption goals.

The introduction of WalletConnect not only fortifies these essential elements of the Hedera ecosystem but also opens up fresh opportunities. There's now a broader avenue for external networks integrated with WalletConnect to explore dApps on Hedera and the unique offerings of this ecosystem.

This year has been pivotal for Hedera, thanks to the significant contributions from wallet providers. These advancements mark an era of increased ecosystem growth, awareness and innovation.