Deprecation: Token Information No Longer Returned for Three Consensus Node Queries
Jun 03, 2024
by Devin Saxon
by Ed Marquez
Developer Relations

The consensus nodes currently return token information in the queries getAccountInfo, getContractInfo and getAccountBalance. The token relations and balance information in those queries is planned for deprecation in the future.

The Hedera Mirror Node has been updated to return hbar balances along with token balances and relationships in real-time. Thus, the information provided by the queries mentioned above can now be obtained using the mirror node REST API. Specifically, the tokens endpoint below: 



Exchanges, wallets, and dapp developers will see the fields of the consensus node queries below no longer return data in the future:

  • AccountInfo.tokenRelationships
  • AccountBalance.tokens
  • ContractInfo.tokenRelationships


With the implementation of HIP-367, retrieving tokens’ fields can lead to an excessive number of calls. To retrieve the balance from tokenAssociations, for example, each tokenID in the array would need a separate map lookup. In return, that getAccountBalance query would become extremely expensive. An additional challenge with these queries is that they require numerous uncharged map look-ups to find and retrieve the token information; and with association limits being removed, the queries may take an arbitrary amount of time to complete.

Take Action! 

If you're using token information obtained from the consensus node queries mentioned in this article, be sure to use the Mirror Node REST API for your applications. Visit our documentation to learn how to implement these updates and stay ahead with the latest Hedera updates.