Hedera Joins Crypto ISAC as Founding Member
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May 29, 2024
by Alex Popowycz
Chief Information & Chief Information Security Officer, Hedera

Since its inception, Hedera has placed a strong emphasis on cybersecurity, ensuring the protection of its network against potential threats while fostering a secure environment for decentralized applications and transactions.

Today, I am excited to announce that the Crypto ISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Center) - a nonprofit association dedicated to enhancing security efforts across the crypto ecosystem - has been launched, with the Hedera network joining as a founding member alongside industry leaders Aleo, Circle, Coinbase, Consensys, Evertas, Fireblocks, Hedera, Kraken, Offchain Labs, Red Balloon Security, Ribbit Capital, Solana Foundation, and Trail of Bits.

The crypto industry faces ongoing security risks, underscoring the importance of reliable information sharing and coordinated security measures at an industry level. Immediately, Crypto ISAC will focus on five strategic objectives:

  1. Establishing a Trusted Environment: Creating a trusted environment for private industry players and government bodies to develop resilient global crypto asset and blockchain industries, and proactively preventing the misuse of Web3 infrastructure.

  2. Sharing Unbiased Information: Acting as an impartial information broker, employing secure mechanisms and processes for the systematic and protected dissemination of information.

  3. Managing Quality of Information Dissemination: Enhancing the timeliness, quality, and quantity of information distribution to ensure early notification of actual or potential incidents and assist members in addressing security challenges.

  4. Encouraging Collaboration: Conducting collaborative threat analyzes to safeguard critical crypto asset and blockchain infrastructure. This will be achieved by providing contextual, relevant, and actionable information consistent with Crypto ISAC’s best-in-class security standards.

  5. Ensuring Resiliency: Promoting agility and resilience to changes in the threat landscape by empowering blockchain protocols to adapt to new technologies and evolving national and international crypto policies.

Hedera is thrilled to be a part of this significant and timely initiative. By fostering trust and confidence among industry players, we aim to pave the way for the widespread adoption of blockchain technologies and contribute to a future where crypto is secure, efficient, and safe for users, enterprises, and institutions exploring Web3.

To learn more about Crypto ISAC or to get involved, please visit Crypto ISAC's website.