Hedera x DevDAO: Developer workshops, Twitter spaces, and community building
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Nov 18, 2022
by Brady Gentile
Director of Marketing, Web3 Application Ecosystems

At Hedera, we’re laser-focused on growing strong, curious, empathetic, and diverse communities across a wide range of ecosystems — we’ve found this helps create fun and safe environments to share ideas & drive the most inspiring innovations in web3.

From teaming up with Surge Women at NFT.NYC; to supporting Developer DAO’s VIBES IRL in Palm Beach; presenting alongside Chainlink at meetups across the globe; and fostering our very own Hedera NFT community by showcasing their incredible work across Times Square — the Hedera ecosystem values and supports the efforts of other web3 organizations that care for their communities in the same ways that we do.

This leads us to our announcement of sponsoring Developer DAO’s global, decentralized organization of web3 builders, including developers, marketers, degens, community managers, enthusiasts, and more. The community they’ve built is exceptional, and we’re privileged to support their efforts in helping create a better internet for us all.

As part of our partnership this season, we’re most excited to support the Developer DAO community through educational initiatives and awareness of the Hedera ecosystem. This includes exclusive developer workshops/trainings, hackathons, virtual and in-person speaking opportunities, introducing the Hedera and DevDAO communities for collaboration, and, very importantly, jobs at DevDAO — we’ve discovered that an essential aspect of DevDAO is to get folks trained and hired; so they can make a living doing what they love.

Learn more about Developer DAO, upcoming virtual events & exclusive developer training for the Hedera network, a Twitter spaces recording between the two communities, and some available job opportunities to come help support the Hedera network.

What is Developer DAO?

Developer DAO is a community of thousands of web3 builders creating a better internet. DevDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization — a genesis NFT will gain you permanent access to the community via Discord and in-person events, too. Additionally, for the time being, the NFT offers Governance rights (voting).

Developer workshop / training for DevDAO

Build Scalable Web3 Applications on Hedera

Hedera is pulling together an exclusive training for the DevDAO community on December 5th, 2022 @ 4:30pm - 5:30pm UTC — check out the details of this workshop below and sign up using the associated links:



Abi Castro | Developer Evangelist | Swirlds Labs, Inc. for Hedera
Francesco Coacci | Developer Evangelist | Swirlds Labs, Inc. for Hedera

Date / Time

December 5th, 2022 | 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm UTC

Build Scalable Web3 Applications on Hedera

In this session, Abi will briefly introduce web3 and the significance of distributed ledger technologies. After that, she’ll introduce Hedera: An open-source, public EVM Smart Contract network — it has ecosystems and standards built by the community and a DAO-like governance structure consisting of organizations spread across the globe. You’ll discover the differences between Hedera’s hashgraph consensus & blockchain consensus, explore Hedera’s network services for developers, and what applications developers are building on Hedera today. The session will end with an interactive coding experience that you can follow along with or simply watch.

Twitter Spaces

This Monday, November 28th @ 5:00pm UTC (9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST), join Hedera and the Developer DAO team on Spaces for an open panel discussion to learn more about some of the incredible work being done by Women In Crypto to move us further towards the decentralized web3 future. 

Set a reminder for the Twitter Spaces or view the recording after November 28th here.

In addition, the Hedera and Developer DAO communities joined forces on October 26th, 2022, to do a joint Twitter Spaces that garnered over 1,500 attendees. Listen to the recording to learn more about the Hedera network, answers to exciting questions asked live by members of Developer DAO, and how to get started building and engaging with the community.

Listen to the recording here.

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The Hedera community is hiring!

If you’re a passionate developer, marketer, or intelligent and curious enthusiast of web3 — and the info above fits your vibe — we want you to help support the evolution of the Hedera network by joining an organization building on Hedera.

Here are some of the open roles at independent organizations building on Hedera:

Swirlds Labs

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) (link)
    Senior Software Engineer - Smart Contracts (link)

  • Senior Software Engineer - Big Data (link)

  • Developer Advocate (Europe) (link)

  • Developer Advocate (US) (link)

  • Developer Advocate (APAC) (link)