AdsDax surpasses 1 billion ad events recorded on Hedera Hashgraph’s Mainnet
Jul 09, 2020
by The AdsDax Team

AdsDax continues its impressive growth as advertisers enjoy the benefits of distributed ledger backed ad tracking.

Swansea, UK — 9 July 2020 — AdsDax, a decentralized advertising platform and marketplace to create, buy, verify, and sell advertising, has recorded over 1 billion advert events on the Hedera Hashgraph mainnet, marking the biggest ever effort by any ad-tech provider to shift the advertising industry towards blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT). The pioneering ad-platform began tracking events on the Hashgraph mainnet 8 months ago and has been growing in daily recorded events and transactions ever since.

AdsDax uses Hedera’s Cryptocurrency and Consensus Services to track millions of live advertising events and then execute real-time cryptocurrency payments to stakeholders within the ad serving process, based on the ad events.

Talking about the latest milestone, Ian Mullins, AdsDax CEO, stated, “We’ve made a huge amount of progress towards our mission to reinvent the advertising industry. This new milestone combined with our recent 1,372 TPS world record proves our infrastructure and capacity is greater than anyone else’s in the advertising industry right now”.

The announcement comes after AdsDax expanded the capacity of its infrastructure and ran a record-setting ad campaign that reached over 1,300 transactions per second (TPS). The incredible throughput sent the DLT community into a frenzy with the largest cryptocurrency tracking and payments event of its kind.

“Ad tracking and accountability is a perfect example of a real-world problem that demands a highly scalable, performant DLT to keep up with the pace of transactions, while bringing transparency to all parties involved,” said Lionel Chocron, Chief Product Officer for Hedera. “We congratulate AdsDax on this latest milestone, and on their work with some of the largest ad agencies in the Asia Pacific region, to deliver unprecedented visibility and insights to these agencies and their customers on the true impact of their advertising campaigns.”

Mullins continued, “In reaching over 1,300 TPS, AdsDax, together with Hedera Hashgraph, have proven we can deliver high throughput ad-tech and fintech solutions that require automation and data analysis across billions of consumer interactions every month. We reached over 1,300 TPS and neither our platform nor the Hedera network flinched; we have the capacity to go even bigger.”

AdsDax has been growing rapidly, especially in India since its beta release, and has been working with massive ad agencies such as Havas Media, GroupM, and Isobar.

Ian Mullins concluded, "We are continuing to hit milestone after milestone, and now have one of, if not the, highest throughput live use case for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.”


About AdsDax

The AdsDax vision for a new ecosystem is a unified platform that facilitates all aspects of digital advert creation, campaign delivery, traffic, and content verification and optimisation with transparent reporting and costs. The AdsDax platform allows all participants to benefit from the money that is currently wasted through middlemen and instead rewards consumers and incentivises participants to create more engaging and relevant ad experiences.

The founding team started as Yamgo, a mobile-oriented content provider that monetised video on mobile. At Yamgo, we saw the problems content owners had monetising their content. We evolved into AdSpruce and worked to solve the problems of monetisation for content owners, enabling them to monetise video and display inventory. Through AdSpruce, we developed an end-to-end video advertising platform, working with 25+ of the world's top 100 Ad Age brands.

About Hedera

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