Mint, distribute, and redeem loyalty rewards on Hedera

Leveraging Hedera’s powerful network, loyalty rewards tokens are minted, distributed, and redeemed in real-time and with low, fixed fees, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust. Hedera addresses traditional loyalty program issues like slow distribution, high costs, and limited transparency.

Beyond the Frame: LG's Journey into NFTs and Digital Artistry

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Massive Ecosystem

Hedera’s robust ecosystem enables the creation and management of customer loyalty and rewards programs. With the ability to mint and transfer tokens at unprecedented speeds, businesses can easily tailor their loyalty strategies, fostering deeper engagement within their community.

Real-time Points & Membership

Hedera gives you the ability to enable real-time creation, distribution and redemption of membership NFTs and fungible tokens as points in loyalty programs. The token service promotes instant settlement, ensuring seamless customer experiences and streamlined membership management for businesses.

Low and predictable fees

Fees on Hedera are fixed, denominated in USD, and paid in $HBAR. It costs $1 to create an NFT collection and $0.05 to mint an NFT in that collection — transfers are only $0.001.

ServiceNow Token Workflows for Consumer Engagement

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“The use of blockchain technology in this activation not only provides a secure and transparent way to manage loyalty programs but also opens up new revenue streams through the creation and sale of NFTs.”

- Mitch Foreman | Founder and Chief Executive Officer | Starburst

Loyalty & Rewards Resources

Whether you’re building a customer loyalty platform or integrating web3 mechanics into your existing application, here are some resources to help you get started on your development journey.

Loyalty Rewards Demo

Sergey Metelin, Developer Advocate at Hedera, dives into a Loyalty Rewards demonstration using the Hedera Token Service.

Gossip about Gossip

Growing Customer Loyalty & Rewards ecosystem being built on Hedera.

Getting Started

Step-by-step tutorial on getting started with the Hedera network.

The Hedera Token Service

The Hedera Token Service (HTS) enables the configuration, management, and transfer of native fungible and non-fungible tokens on Hedera.

The Hedera Consensus Service

The Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) provides a secure, fast and robust platform for creating and managing customer loyalty and reward programs.

Consumer Engagement Fund

The HBAR Foundation Metaverse Fund brings users into the Hedera ecosystem at scale by accelerating the development of projects across gaming & virtual worlds, collectibles, social and creator platforms, and enterprise.

Consumer Engagement Partners

Hedera’s ecosystem includes a number of delivery partners and consultants to help your customer loyalty program. Here’s a few to consider:
Momental is the Web3 partner for brands, leagues, and IP holders looking to enter the new consumer economy.
A browser wallet & white label custody provider.
A wallet pass engagement platform.
Helps marketers create a deeper customer relationship via loyalty and digital memberships.

Carbon negative commitment

The efficiency of hashgraph consensus enables Hedera to be the most sustainable public network, based on average energy consumed per transaction (0.000003 kWh), according to a recent study conducted by University College London.

In addition, Hedera has committed to being a carbon-negative public network through the purchase of quarterly carbon credits to offset the small amount of emissions from all public-facing infrastructure.

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