Hedera is used for Healthcare by some of the world’s leading companies

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"Handling these tests at scale with home diagnostic transactions, we need an immutable record — what got us excited about Hedera and the Consensus Service to be able to log those transactions with high-throughput, fast finality, and low cost."

Ken Mayer
Founder and CEO

Choosing Hedera for Healthcare

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Ensure platform stability

Managing private consortium governance and network infrastructure is resource intensive. Hedera is owned and operated by the world’s leading organizations, ensuring stability in governance, network, and technology.

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Improve patient outcomes

Delayed transfer of medical information and a lack of real-time patient status often results in medical mistakes and poorer outcomes. Hedera enhances the speed at which patient data is shared and made available.

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Preserve privacy

Healthcare applications must respect patient confidentiality and abide by federal regulations. Hedera balances transparency and trust, while preserving privacy and enabling applications to meet regulatory certification.

Why Hedera

Hedera is the only public distributed ledger architected from the ground-up to meet the performance and security requirements of new and existing applications running at web scale. Hedera augments healthcare solutions through a combination of game-changing and unique functionalities unattainable by alternative public DLTs.

Verifiable timestamps

Effective healthcare applications require knowledge of when specific actions took place and their order. Bring trust to your toolkit with mathematically provable consensus timestamps for every transaction.


Online fraud includes the manipulation of data by both internal or external participants. Hedera Consensus Service creates a tamper-proof log to bolster data legitimacy.

Real-time analysis

Underlying hashgraph consensus enables thousands of transactions per second on Hedera, with finality in seconds. Enable fast predictive analysis of healthcare data within your application, while preserving end user privacy.


All application stakeholders, including health organizations and regulatory bodies, can verify the authenticity of transactions on Hedera. Meet compliance requirements and make auditing a breeze by logging events on Hedera.

Enterprise-grade security

The hashgraph consensus algorithm is asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerant (ABFT), offering the highest grade of security for the Hedera public distributed ledger.

Identity standards

Hedera and the open DID specification offers businesses the tools to manage credentials through their lifecycle in a secure, standards-based, and privacy respecting manner.

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