Sparkle Leverages Hedera Hashgraph to Launch Digital eReceipt and Universal Digital Coupon Apps
Sep 17, 2021
by Hedera Team
Hedera is the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public network for the decentralized economy.

Sparkle to use the Hedera Consensus Service to store and verify data from its newly launched digital eReceipt and Universal Digital Coupon apps

Harrow, UK, and Dallas, TX — September 17, 2021 — Sparkle has teamed up with Retail Data Systems (RDS) and Hedera Hashgraph to launch digital eReceipts and Universal Digital Coupons apps. The collaboration will allow Sparkle to deploy both applications at scale across legacy POS networks via RDS throughout North America.

Sparkle are a multi-patented managed integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) provider.

Retail Data Systems (RDS) is the largest reseller and support company of Point of Sale (POS) hardware and software in North America. 

Hedera Hashgraph is the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public ledger.

Judd Ferrer, Founder of Sparkle, said, “By partnering with RDS and leveraging the Hedera network and services, we aim to enable retailers of all sizes to reap the benefits of digital solutions. The launch of these apps will represent a major step in the mass adoption of blockchain technology among consumers and retailers.”

Adam Doran, Chief Commercial Officer at Sparkle, added, “Without the need for costly and lengthy integrations which can be as much as $1M and 12 months or longer, we are empowering retailers to quickly and cost-effectively adopt a digital first strategy through our managed iPaaS platform and the APIs we have connected with to date which, in turn, will greatly benefit their end customers.”

RDS will be responsible for the apps’ rollout to thousands of grocery retailers across North America. eReceipts and Universal Digital Coupons are the first of several apps which will be available to retailers via the ‘RDS App Store’ that is being created. Dwayne Van Wye, General Manager of RDS Minnesota, said, "We are excited to be working with Sparkle to create the 'RDS App Store' with eReceipts and Universal Digital Coupons the first apps we are launching to our customer base of grocery retailers across the US."

Sparkle will leverage the Hedera Consensus Service to store and verify eReceipts, ensuring data on real-time transactions is securely logged and verified.

Universal Digital Coupons, the new industry standard coupon format from The Coupon Bureau (TCB), provide great value and benefits to RDS’ retail customers by removing the time and hassle of coupon handling, in-store fraud (valued annually at $100M+) and improving cash flow from quicker clearing and settlement. By adopting this app, it also means they can compete on a level playing field with the ‘Big Box’ Tier 1 retailers and not get left behind.

Sparkle has accessed TCB’s offering via a set of standardized APIs in order for retailers to connect, process the coupon and retrieve the offer details; as well as real-time reporting to all stakeholders involved with each coupon: manufacturer, coupon provider / distributor, manufacturer agent, retailer clearinghouse.

By using the Hedera Consensus Service, TCB can bring its standardization and added efficiencies to the marketplace with transparency and trust. Third-party processing and audit capabilities among authorized stakeholders enables industry confidence in this centralized, agnostic solution.

These newly launched apps will make digital eReceipts and Universal Digital Coupons widely available to legacy POS Systems utilizing Sparkle’s real-time connection of API, without the extensive time and cost of POS integration. Using the app and Sparkle’s digital APIs, POS systems will be able to apply the data directly to the real-time transactional data, helping retailers reduce fraud and returns.

One such beneficiary of Sparkle’s eReceipt app and digital API integration services is Cielo Supermarket, an independent grocery store located in Antioch, California, who see the opportunities and value being derived from Sparkle’s managed iPaaS multi-patented technology. Cielo strives to offer an unrivalled customer experience based on convenience and high-quality goods. They see the digital eReceipt app and Sparkle’s other digital APIs as a huge step forward in meeting advancements in consumer behavior.

Taking advantage of enabling Universal Digital Coupons across their store for their customer base is Elden’s Fresh Foods, an independent grocery store located in Alexandria, Minnesota. Elden’s owner, Elliot Christensen, said, “This is going to make redemption of coupons and coupons available to my customers for savings so much easier, so much cleaner. I see where the manufacturer can have a direct line to the consumer, and they can come in to Elden’s and enjoy the savings. We think of them seeing the coupons and redeeming the coupons here - it’s going to be awesome!”

Although these are both standalone applications, RDS is excited by the future vision of combining the two, as Dwayne Van Wye explained. “eReceipts provides core functionality to retailers and their customers but, in effect, is another valuable direct communication channel. If a retailer already has the 8112 app in place, offers from leading CPG’s who are behind this industry transformation such as P&G and General Mills, or even the retailer themselves, could be sent directly to the consumer.”

Christian Hasker, CMO of Hedera Hashgraph, said, “We are thrilled for Sparkle to be leveraging the Hedera Consensus Service for new and innovative digital retail solutions. By working with the team at Sparkle, we are showing how distributed ledger technology can be utilized for the benefit of retailers, consumers, and technology providers alike. By working with our retail users in this way, we will be able to ensure efficiency and security throughout the retail ecosystem.”

If you are a retailer who has the goal of digital innovation to improve shopper experience and drive revenues, contact your local RDS office.

If you are a third party service provider who wants to benefit from this collaboration and create additional apps for the ‘RDS App Store’, contact Sparkle now.


About Sparkle

Sparkle’s multi-patented integration Platform as a Service takes iPaaS to the next level by enabling real-time consumer transactions to interact with digital API’s without the need for integration. This makes it possible for organizations, such as grocery and convenience retailers, to meet the ever increasing need to easily access digital API’s to facilitate consumer focused services. This includes eReceipts, universal digital coupons, loyalty, offers/rewards and Government benefits applications. For retailers, access to these applications can typically be provided while continuing to use legacy systems, enabling them to adopt a ‘digital first’ strategy simply, quickly and cost effectively, while driving an attractive ROI across the business.

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About Retail Data Systems

Retail Data Systems (RDS) is the largest provider of Point of Sale Hardware and Software in North America. Founded in 1950, RDS now operates over 30 offices serving customers across the nation providing complete Point of Sale technology. Our team of over 500 professionals assure our customers of the best 24/7/365 service available. Our list of industry leading POS hardware and software products provide a variety of solutions for companies large and small.

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Guided by JICC/ACP, The Coupon Bureau is responsible for creating, maintaining and rolling out the coupon format AI (8112) to all stakeholders in 2021, including grocery retailers, convenience store retailers, coupon provider/distributors, CPGs, and clearinghouses. A single set of standards, found in the Coupon Data and Specifications document, will be used to create and execute all coupon programs, creating more secure, and more efficient data exchange between parties.

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