SEVA.LOVE, a Transformational Platform for Good, is Powering NFTs and the Metaverse on the Hedera Network
Oct 28, 2021
by Hedera Team
Hedera is the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public network for the decentralized economy.

Orlando, FL – October 28, 2021 – SEVA.LOVE launches today as a dedicated NFT platform for good. Founded by Deepak Chopra and Poonacha Machaiah, the SEVA.LOVE platform aims to empower global action that benefits society for generations to come by connecting artists, philanthropists, brands, and change makers alike to build community around causes that matter. SEVA.LOVE will focus on value creation in the digital metaverse with wearable assets, physically redeemable artwork, and unique ownership benefits.

Built using InfiniteWorld’s NFT engine that integrates the carbon negative Hedera distributed ledger network, with multi-chain interoperability starting with Ethereum as a roadmap pillar, SEVA.LOVE will enable and inspire all who chose to participate to help make the world a better place. The platform will focus on maximizing value creation to empower communities and provide the optimal and seamless technology enabled solution.

With the majority of NFT proceeds allocated directly to supporting social and environmental initiatives, the platform is establishing itself as a community hub focused on raising awareness and creating long lasting engagement between those looking to help make a difference and those actively working to do so; transcending beyond simply a place where people go to buy and sell NFTs.

Charitable giving in the United States alone rose by over 5% in 2020 and reached $471.44 billion, yet the ways in which nonprofits raise funds and engage with their community has not fully embraced the potential of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Working closely with global thought leaders, SEVA.LOVE plans to impact more than a billion lives by raising awareness, funds, and supporting community engagement through innovative NFT technology and beyond.

“SEVA.LOVE’s goal is to make art and philanthropy accessible, create recurring revenue for sustainable actions and lasting impact, all in a transparent and democratized way,” said Poonacha Machaiah, co-founder and CEO of SEVA.LOVE. “While the NFT world is incredible, it is still evolving, and we saw a gap in the market to build a community and create a transparent exchange that allows people to make a real social impact via the metaverse.”

"We are incredibly excited to leverage the InfiniteWorld NFT engine to support SEVA.LOVE in the creation of a new NFT exchange of goodness in the world. It’s a core value of our company to drive technology development to help make this a better world, and our collaboration with SEVA.LOVE is exactly the type of project that brings conscious communities into NFTs and cryptocurrencies,” said Yonathan Lapchik, CEO of InfiniteWorld.

The SEVA.LOVE platform at its core is powered by Hedera, the greenest public ledger on the market and the world’s most-used public network by total transaction count (over 1.7 billion). In addition to being carbon-negative as a network, Hedera is more than 10 million times more energy-efficient than Bitcoin, and more than 100 times more so than Visa. While the platform will focus on using the Hedera Token Service (HTS) as its core long term NFT engine, SEVA.LOVE will also support minting NFTs on Ethereum at onset to help non-profits access the growing markets, while charting a sustainable path forward.

“With its focus on creating an NFT goodness exchange in the most sustainable way, SEVA.LOVE is enabling individuals to not only support charitable causes they believe in, but also feel good about their environmental footprint. We’re excited to see how the SEVA.LOVE community grows, as part of the evolution of the growing digital assets ecosystem being built on the Hedera network,” said Mance Harmon, CEO and co-founder, Hedera Hashgraph.

“If we don't create a loving awareness through our actions, we won't survive as a species,” said Deepak Chopra, M.D., co-founder of SEVA.LOVE. “Using the best of innovative technologies, SEVA.LOVE empowers artists to create unique NFT collections and engage their communities in meaningful global action, empowering them to be catalysts for positive social and planetary transformation.”

SEVA.LOVE has partnered with, a launchpad that incubates metaverse projects. By way of FireStarter, SEVA.LOVE will amplify its message and ethos of NFT’s for good to FireStarters global community of NFT and crypto token investors. FireStarter enables all communities to partake in the building of a better future. A future that is driven by the merging of philanthropy, community, art, and the blockchain.

“SEVA.LOVE is a notable example of a business playing the positive sum game. There are many consequences for winning the positive sum game. For SEVA.LOVE, we believe they will evolve the de facto donor dependent philanthropy model to a regenerative and self sustainable system for social good. This grandiose vision aligns with the values of the FireStarter community and we are energized to collectively solve this problem, fast-forwarding the present to the future by doing good,” said Parul Gujral, Advisor, FireStarter.

The platform has built on its partnership with Deepak Chopra and is collaborating with other high profile artists, actors, musicians and athletes for future NFT drops supporting mental health, suicide prevention, poverty, hunger, education, climate action, violence against women, and more. SEVA.LOVE’s first NFT release will be available on November 30th, 2021.

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SEVA.LOVE is a one of a kind platform for the metaverse that aims to empower global action that benefits society for generations to come by connecting artists, philanthropists, brands, and change makers alike to build community around causes that matter. SEVA, the Sanskrit word for selfless service, enables artists to create unique NFT collections and engage their communities for social transformation. The goodness from each of these NFT auctions will go to the respective partner’s foundation to drive social impact. 

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