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The open source
public ledger for

Powering native web3 ecosystems and institutional applications for the next generation of the web


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A responsibly governed decentralized network

With ecosystems built by the community

An open source, public network governed by leading organizations around the world

The Hedera Governing Council is a decentralized and transparent governing body of independent, global organizations consisting of enterprises, web3 projects, and prestigious universities.
Governing council

With application ecosystems and standards built by the developer community

The Hedera codebase and ecosystem standards are open source and contributed by the community through Hedera Improvement Proposals (HIPs). The community consists of Hedera application and ecosystem developers, node operators, and peripheral organizations.
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What is Hedera?

Hedera is a decentralized, open-source, proof-of-stake public ledger that utilizes the leaderless, asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) hashgraph consensus algorithm. It is governed by a collusion-resistant, decentralized council of leading enterprises, universities, and web3 projects from around the world.

Hedera’s performance-optimized Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts, along with its easy-to-use native tokenization and consensus service APIs, enable developers to create real-time web3 applications and ecosystems that will drive the future of the internet.

Hedera is built differently from other blockchains. It has high throughput with fast finality; low, predictable fees; fair transaction ordering with consensus timestamps; and a robust codebase that ensures scalability and reliability at every layer of its network infrastructure. Hedera is governed responsibly by the world’s leading organizations to ensure that the network is collusion-resistant.

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Use cases & ecosystems

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Enable secure, real-time, and ultra-low-cost payments using HBAR, stablecoins, or your own cryptocurrency.
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Build new or port over existing decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, network bridges, and more using performance-optimized EVM smart contracts.
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Build the next big NFT marketplace or community — create collections and mint unique tokens representing digital media, physical assets, and more.
Learn more


Manage decentralized identity in a secure, standards-based, and privacy-respecting manner.
Learn more


Create low-cost, scalable, and publicly verifiable logs of data with native consensus timestamps — record payable events, supply chain provenance, IoT sensor data, and more.
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Build, deploy, or access sustainability solutions that take full advantage of Hedera's low energy network, with world class governance.
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Applications powered by Hedera

From innovative web3 ecosystems to Fortune 500 companies, developers are building the next generation of the web on Hedera


Web3 projects are building next-generation applications on Hedera across DeFi, NFT, creator economy, sustainability, and more.
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Enterprises are using Hedera to improve business processes and procedures across CBDC, Supply Chain, Finance, Fraud Mitigation, and more.
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Build the next big thing on Hedera

Developers on Hedera are first-class citizens, enabled by intuitive APIs and EVM smart contracts. Whether you're building a weekend project or the next big thing in web3, Hedera's native network service SDKs, EVM equivalence, and tooling makes innovation and development a breeze. Hedera's robust codebase ensures massively scalable and reliable network infrastructure, making it the perfect platform for developers to deploy ecosystem-critical web3 applications and protocols.

Low-Cost, Immediate Settlement

Transactions on Hedera cost an average of $0.001 and settle with finality in 3-5 seconds — no more waiting for block confirmations.

Massively Scalable

Hedera’s native services reliably scale to 10,000 TPS and beyond, powering the most demanding, mission-critical web3 applications and protocols.

Fairest Access & Ordering

Hedera is a leaderless proof-of-stake network with aBFT hashgraph consensus. Transactions contain a consensus timestamp and are fairly ordered.

EVM Tooling & Libraries

The EVM on Hedera is optimized for speed and scalability. Deploy smart contracts with ease using your favorite web3 environments, libraries, and tooling.

Carbon negative commitment

The efficiency of hashgraph consensus enables Hedera to be the most sustainable public network, based on average energy consumed per transaction (0.000003 kWh), according to a recent study conducted by University College London.

In addition, Hedera has committed to being a carbon-negative public network through the purchase of quarterly carbon credits to offset the small amount of emissions from all public-facing infrastructure.

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Get Started with Hedera

Whether you’re a developer, HBAR enthusiast, or web3 application user, here’s how to get started with Hedera.
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Learn how to start building on Hedera, join the developer community, and contribute to the codebase.
Start building
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Start using permissionless dapps built on Hedera, from DeFi protocols to NFT marketplaces and more.
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Read more about HBAR, Hedera, and use cases. Join the community, get a wallet, and view exchanges.
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