Ultra low fees. High scalability. Immediate settlement.

Hedera offers web3 projects and enterprises alike industry-leading stablecoins and tokenization services to support modern applications and payment rails. Build applications that take full advantage of hbar, institutionally-backed stablecoins, or your own cryptocurrency for real-time payment use cases.

Scalable, Real-Time Settlement

HBAR, supported stablecoins, and other fungible tokens minted on Hedera are transferred at 10,000 transactions per second with immediate settlement, on par with the VISA network — making payment and micropayment use cases on Hedera a reality.

Low and Predictable Fees

Fees on Hedera are fixed, denominated in USD, and paid in $HBAR. It costs less than 1¢ USD to transfer any sum of HBAR, stablecoin, or other cryptocurrency minted on Hedera.

Regulatory compliance

Stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies used for payment may require configurations at the account level to meet regulatory and compliance needs. Hedera enables token issuers to define account-level KYC verification and freeze, token supply management, transfer, and more.
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In USDC Liquidity

“USDC on Hedera offers the scalability, low transaction fees, and fast settlement times expected by end-users of both startup and enterprise applications built on the Hedera network.”


Low, predictable
fees for payments

Fees on Hedera are fixed, denominated in USD, and paid in $HBAR. To see the full fee schedule, visit the fee estimator.

Token Fee Schedule

Mint and transfer fungible tokens on Hedera at a fraction of the cost of other public distributed ledgers.
Create a fungible token class
Associate a token class with an account
Mint fungible tokens in a class
Transfer any sum of fungible token
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“Banxa is thrilled to be the first retail platform to support USDC on Hedera. Working with the leading enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy, we can continue to support the crypto ecosystem's expansion and the opportunities this brings.”

Mint, manage, and transfer value

It’s never been easier to mint your own cryptocurrency or stablecoin. Check out the documentation to get started.

//Create the transaction and freeze for manual signing

const transaction = await new TokenCreateTransaction {}

.setTokenNake(“Your Token Name”)





//Create the transfer transaction

const transaction = await new TransferTransaction()

.addTokenTransfer(tokenId, accountId1, -10)

.addTokenTransfer(tokenId, accountId2, 10)


//Sign with the sender account private key

const signTx = await transaction.sign(accountKey1);

//Sign with the client operator private key and submit to a Hedera network

const txResponse = await signTx.execute(client);
//Create the query

const query = new AccountBalanceQuery()


//Sign with the client operator private key and submit to a Hedera network

const tokenBalance = await query.execute(client);

console.log("The token balance(s) for this account: " +tokenBalance.tokens);
Shinhan Bank Standard Bank Shinhan Bank Standard Bank Logos Mobile

International stablecoin transfer POC

Cross-border transactions can take days to settle. To expedite this process and its efficiency, Shinhan Bank, the leading bank in South Korea, and Standard Bank, the largest bank in Africa, have united in a proof-of-concept Stablecoin on Hedera. In so doing, the trial looked to reduce the reliance on middlemen, associated costs, and settlement time in the currently $702 billion remittance market.