The next generation of finance

Hedera offers low, fixed fees, blazing fast transactions, immediate settlement, and modern development workflows — it’s never been easier to build the next generation of financial software on the opens source, public Hedera network.

EVM-based Smart Contracts

Build and deploy EVM-based smart contracts using the most popular languages, including Solidity and Vyper, to create DeFi applications and protocols on Hedera.

15 Million Gas per Second

Hedera can process up to 15 million gas per second, the same as what Ethereum aims to achieve in an entire block.

Modern Development

Use the most ubiquitous web3 libraries, web3.js and ethers.js, and development tools that require a JSON-RPC relay. Build something new on Hedera or port over an existing dapp faster than ever.
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Hedera Wallet Snap

The Hedera Wallet Snap is a powerful plugin that enhances MetaMask's functionality for use with the Hedera network and enables seamless interaction with Hedera-powered applications. Integrate the Hedera Wallet Snap into your application today to help onboard the next million users into web3.

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A better way to DeFi


Fees on Hedera are fixed, denominated in USD, and paid in $HBAR — regardless of if you’re calling a native service or smart contract. View the fee schedule and estimate your costs by visiting the fee estimator.


Hedera doesn’t use a mempool to hold transactions prior to their processing and there’s no bribing of nodes. Transactions are guaranteed to be ordered fairly, so there’s no threat of frontrunning.


Tokens minted on Hedera are native to the network and map to ERC-20, 721, and 1155 standards — this means they adopt the same native performance, security, and low fees of $HBAR.

DeFi primitives

Token Standards

Fungible tokens and NFTs minted using the Hedera Token Service use ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards. Token transactions on Hedera are scalable, low cost, and interoperable.

Network Bridge

HashPort is a public utility that facilitates the bi-directional movement of digital assets between public networks in a quick, secure, and cost-effective way.

EVM Tooling

Build, test, and deploy smart contracts on Hedera using familiar EVM tooling and libraries, such as HardHat, Truffle, Foundry, ethers.js, and more. Build something new or port over an existing application faster than ever.

Liquid Staking

Stader Labs offers a liquid staking solution for the Hedera network, enabling $HBAR holders to stake and receive $HBARX for use across the ecosystem.

Wallet Integrations

Onboard retail users with native ecosystem and EVM wallet provider integrations. Hedera supports MetaMask and other JSON-RPC wallets, as well as Hedera ecosystem wallets such as HashPack and Blade.


USD Coin (USDC) on Hedera is a stablecoin brought to you by Circle and Coinbase, members of the Centre Consortium, which provides leading globally trusted standards for stablecoins.


Open source JSON-RPC makes it easy to build, test, deploy, and use dapps on Hedera using EVM tooling, libraries, and wallets. Utilize a commercial RPC provider or deploy your own with ease.

Hedera WalletConnect

Hedera's integration with WalletConnect simplifies the way users connect and interact with dApps on the Hedera Network. It bridges the gap between wallets and decentralized applications, ensuring compatibility, security, and ease of use.

Distributed Governance on Hedera

Discover the simplicity of setting up your DAO on the Hedera network. Here, you will find detailed insights into selecting your governance model, customizing your voting system, and leveraging the innovative features of HashioDAO. Experience how our platform emphasizes user-friendliness to foster transparent, decentralized decision-making within communities. Begin your path to forming a more inclusive and democratic organization now.

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$155M DeFi Fund

The HBAR Foundation DeFi Fund brings users into the Hedera ecosystem at scale by accelerating the development of projects across staking, lending protocols, decentralized exchanges, and more.

Carbon negative commitment

The efficiency of hashgraph consensus enables Hedera to be the most sustainable public network, based on average energy consumed per transaction (0.000003 kWh), according to a recent study conducted by University College London.

In addition, Hedera has committed to being a carbon-negative public network through the purchase of quarterly carbon credits to offset the small amount of emissions from all public-facing infrastructure.

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