The All-in-One Stablecoin Solution

Stablecoin Studio is an open-source SDK that simplifies the process of issuing stablecoins using Hedera network services. As an all-in-one toolkit, Stablecoin Studio enables stablecoin issuers to easily deploy applications and oversee operations via a comprehensive management toolkit, allowing for streamlined digital asset operations.

The toolkit offers proof-of-reserve functionality that utilizes existing systems or on-chain oracles to bolster the ability to provide transparency in disclosure, while seamless custody provider integrations ease development and reduce time-to-market.

Complemented by advanced, Hedera-native KYC/AML account flags and integrated service provider hooks, Stablecoin Studio gives issuers new ways to manage compliance and security.

Easy-to-Use Development Kit

The TypeScript SDK and management CLI streamline smart contract interactions, accelerating development and easing operations without requiring specialized blockchain expertise. The included React-based demo application offers a firsthand experience visualizing Stablecoin Studio's capabilities.

Robust Administration & Compliance Configurations

Stablecoin Studio includes Hedera-native token administration functionalities, enabling issuers to burn, mint, freeze, wipe, and pause stablecoins with ease. Account-based permissions, like native KYC account flags, provide compliance configurations when connecting Stablecoin Studio to custody providers and KYC/AML services.

Proof-of-Reserve for Treasury Management

Stablecoin Studio offers issuers built-in proof-of-reserve functionality that delivers provability in treasury management. Utilize existing internal systems or seamlessly integrate with on-chain oracles to manage stablecoin treasury and token issuance programmability.
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Stablecoin Logo Shinhan Stablecoin Logo Shinhan

"Stablecoin Studio was a game-changer for our successful stablecoin remittance pilot with SCB TechX and other financial institutions. The toolkit has made it incredibly convenient to send low-cost cross-border payments. More partnerships like this can transform financial inclusion in web3."


Stablecoin Logo Jewel Stablecoin Logo Jewel

“As a digital asset-friendly bank and stablecoin issuer and infrastructure provider, Jewel Bank is thrilled to be utilizing the Stablecoin Studio toolkit to accelerate the growth of the industry and our business. The enterprise-grade suite of components pre-built in the Stablecoin Studio codebase is helping us meet the huge demand for USD banking & stablecoin payments needs of our clients, as well as the broader ecosystem of enterprises building on Hedera.”


Feature-Rich Stablecoin Management

TypeScript SDK & CLI

The TypeScript SDK and management CLI streamline smart contract interactions and bolster programmability, accelerating development and streamlining operations without requiring specialized blockchain expertise.

Native Tokens with Custom Programmability

Issue native tokens that are ERC20 compliant, leveraging low, fixed fees, high throughput, and real-time settlement. Customize token behavior by programming issuance schedules, vesting, governance logic, and more using EVM smart contracts.

Advanced Administrative Controls

Configure, issue, and manage stablecoins straightforwardly with Stablecoin Studio thanks to fine-grained role-based controls, such as burning, freezing, wiping, and pausing tokens, ensuring operational precision.

Native KYC/AML Account Flags

Built with compliance in mind by leveraging Hedera's native KYC / AML account flags. Integrate qualified identity verification services to further enhance due diligence capabilities.

Custody Provider Integrations

Streamline operations with top custody providers. Stablecoin Studio offers dedicated API hooks into leading solutions like Hex Trust, Zodia, and DFNS. Connect with qualified custodial services to aid asset security efforts.

Proof-of-Reserve for Treasury

Utilize existing internal systems or seamlessly integrate with supported on-chain oracles to deliver provability in treasury management and programmable stablecoin issuance.

Want to learn more?

Collaborate with a diverse array of development and consulting experts to design a proof-of-concept and launch your stablecoin application on the Hedera mainnet.

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Visualize Stablecoin Studio

Get firsthand experience with Stablecoin Studio's capabilities by using the open source, React-based demo application sandbox. The sandbox application is built using Stablecoin Studio's TypeScript SDK.

After setting up a testnet account in the Hedera developer portal (or 3rd party HashPack wallet) or getting test $HBAR from the Hedera anonymous faucet, explore creating and managing stablecoins on Hedera through the interactive demo.

Stablecoins. Stable Fees.

Fees on Hedera are fixed, denominated in USD, and paid in $HBAR. To see the full fee schedule, visit the fee estimator.
Stablecoin Token Configuration & Creation
$1.45 - $2.69
Stablecoin Token Mint
Stablecoin Transfer (Token Service)
Stablecoin Transfer (Smart Contract Service)
Stablecoin Associate to Account (paid by user or issuer)
Token Admin & Compliance
$0.00512 (Burn)
$0.00471 (Pause)
$0.00477 (Freeze)
$0.00514 (Wipe)
KYC/AML Account Flag

Learn the Basics

Start your journey into stablecoin issuance and management. Watch the video tutorials provided by Swirlds Labs or jump straight into development by visiting the Stablecoin Studio documentation.