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Hedera networks

Access Hedera networks and understand their nodes.

For every stage of development

From hello world to production, Hedera networks are available for each step of your journey. Get started on the Hedera testnet or previewnet for a free development environment and move to production on the Hedera mainnet, paying hbars for each transaction fee.
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Consensus nodes

Consensus nodes receive transactions, work together to determine consensus using hashgraph, and store the public ledger's latest state. Currently, Hedera Governing Council members run mainnet consensus nodes. As Hedera advances on its path to decentralization, anyone will be able run a consensus node.

Mirror nodes

Mirror nodes store the public ledger's historical data. Run your own mirror node or query an API to perform analytics, build robust applications, or create transaction explorers.
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Build consensus node networks on Hedera using scheduled transactions and multi-signature accounts to power use cases with greater programmability such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and cross-chain bridges.
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