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Hedera for Enterprise use cases

Asset tokenization
Take advantage of the full power of the hashgraph consensus algorithm for fast, fair, and secure tokenization and transfer of fungible and non-fungible assets on the Hedera public network.
Track and trace
Hedera’s unique functionalities of consensus timestamping, fair transaction ordering, and fast finality make it the public DLT of choice for Enterprise supply chain applications.
Fraud mitigation
Disparate business participants and associated systems can use Hedera to create a shared real-time view of logged application events, enabling predictive analysis and detection of fraud before it happens.
Organizations can continue to utilise existing applications and middleware, but simply plug them into Hedera Consensus Service to achieve trust in business-to-business transactions.
Identity and authentication
Hedera and the open DID specification offers enterprise businesses with the tools to manage credentials through their lifecycle in a secure, standards-based and privacy-respecting manner.
Permissioned blockchain
Bring decentralized ordering and interoperability to the business applications running on permissioned blockchain framework. Connect Hedera directly to Hyperledger Fabric or R3 Corda today.

"We have been at the forefront of helping organizations understand legal frameworks and issues in leveraging blockchain for a number of years, and are also adopting such technology for our own client solutions. Hedera uniquely enables many mechanisms which are significant breakthroughs in the distributed ledger technology space.”

Scott Theil

Why Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera is the only public distributed ledger architected from the ground-up to meet the performance, security, and stability requirements of mission-critical enterprise business applications. Hedera augments today’s business applications through a combination of game-changing and unique functionalities, unattainable by alternative public blockchains.

Verifiable timestamps

Business applications often require knowledge of when specific actions took place and their order. Bring trust to your toolkit with mathematically provable consensus timestamps for every transaction.


Discrepancies in data can sometimes be attributed to manipulation by both internal or external stakeholders. Hedera creates a tamper-proof log of events to bolster data integrity and legitimacy for all participants.

Real-time analysis

Ensure everyone is looking at the same data. Underlying hashgraph consensus enables thousands of transactions per second on Hedera, with finality in seconds.


Application stakeholders can verify the authenticity of any transaction on Hedera. Meet compliance requirements and make auditing a breeze by logging events on Hedera.

Enterprise-grade security

Hashgraph is asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerant (ABFT), and offers the highest grade of security for the Hedera public distributed ledger.

Identity standards

Hedera and the open DID specification offers businesses the tools to manage credentials through their lifecycle in a secure, standards-based and privacy-respecting manner.


Learn how Hedera Hashgraph can transform your enterprise by enhancing transparency, standardizing data, and bolstering trust