Safe Health Systems Builds Digital Health ID system on Hedera Hashgraph to Enable Home COVID-19 Testing on Your Mobile Phone
Oct 11, 2020
by Hedera Team
Hedera is the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public network for the decentralized economy.
  • Distributed ledger-based digital health and connected diagnostics platform for employee and student health checks crosses 1,000,000 records processes
  • Over 200,000 active users manage COVID-19 testing and health status verification linked to their SAFE Health IDs, stored and verified on the Hedera Consensus Service

Los Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX — 12 October 2020 — Safe Health Systems (SAFE), operator of the SAFE Digital Healthcare Platform, has partnered with Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise grade distributed ledger, to build unique digital health IDs for users of the HealthCheck™ COVID-19 testing and health status verification solution built on the SAFE Platform. Users of the SAFE HealthCheck™ solution have digital health IDs stored and verified on the Hedera Consensus Service, which enables advanced security and privacy protections.

The digital health IDs are used to authenticate and securely log real time COVID-19 diagnostic test results and vaccination records, while preserving end user privacy. The Hedera Consensus Services provides the validity and order of test results at a fast, cost-effective, and secure rate. Major employers have already signed up to roll out the SAFE HealthCheck app to their workforce, so they can receive real-time, verifiable results via their SAFE ID.

“Working with Hedera, we were able to create the first health status verification system for ticketing and access control systems to validate vaccination and test records in real-time without compromising individual privacy,” stated Ken Mayer, Founder and CEO of SAFE. “This approach, coupled with inexpensive rapid COVID-19 testing that can be done at home with a smartphone, provides a clear path to reopening movie theaters, concerts, and sporting events.”

HealthCheck™ is a turnkey testing and health status verification solution for employers and educators to automate ongoing COVID-19 screening and surveillance programs.

SAFE HealthCheck™ testing and health status verification solution for employers and educators to automate ongoing COVID-19 testing and surveillance programs. The HIPAA compliant platform synchronizes multiple workstreams into autonomous protocols for ongoing testing, triage, and access control.

The CDC guidelines for returning to work serve as an important use case for the application of the SAFE HealthCheck solution, and have spurred an uptake among major employers and universities using the platform to automate ongoing COVID-19 testing and safety programs. There are currently over 200,000 active users with digital health IDs on the SAFE Platform.

SAFE’s decision to build its digital health IDs on Hedera Hashgraph provides an important real-time use case in how distributed ledger technology can be utilized as a social good in tackling public health challenges.

“Building the world’s first digital health IDs with SAFE will go a long way in developing a new standard to ‘test and trace’ COVID-19. With hundreds of thousands of users already, this is a powerful example that showcases how public distributed ledgers can be utilized to tackle medical testing and other public health challenges at scale,” concluded Mance Harmon, CEO of Hedera Hashgraph.

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Safe Health Systems creates digital solutions that help people play a more active role in their personal healthcare. Our mission is to empower the private sector and world governments with technology that makes healthcare more accessible and reduces the cost of care at scale.

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