Community Testing Program Phase I Complete
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Jan 31, 2019
by Brady Gentile
Director of Marketing, Web3 Application Ecosystems

We’re proud to announce that Hedera has reached 5,000 accounts created on the early access mainnet, during phase I of the community testing program. This marks the completion of phase I of the program, and we are now preparing for phase II. We cannot thank everyone enough for their efforts in helping us test the network and provide valuable feedback.

This was the first time users had their hands on a Hedera Wallet, micropayments example application, and the mainnet in general. The feedback we received was tremendous:

Oh my goodness. So fun. I’m beta testing the new #Hashgraph wallet; I’m on a mission to send a micropayment to every continent! Only South America, Asia and Antarctica left. 5 Hbars to the first person from those regions to send me their ID. #repesent @hashgraph
— YVRCrypto (@YvrCrypto)
Embrace the future of digital assets get your @hashgraph wallet now 5 #hbars free let's network tip for tip — Royce Shell (@Royce_Shell)

Now that phase I has come to a close, here’s a quick update on changes being made as we look towards opening the next phase of community testing:

Mainnet account creation pause

We’ve placed a temporary pause on the ability to create Hedera mainnet accounts from within the Hedera Portal ( and to earn hbar rewards for testing. This pause allows us to take time to implement feedback and ensure stability of our network’s growth. We anticipate opening the mainnet account creation process and rewards program in the coming weeks, as we enter phase II of the testing program.

Existing community testers

If you already have a Hedera mainnet account but have not yet reached your HBAR earnings cap, you will be able to start earning again once Phase II of the testing program begins.

Developer testnets

There are no changes for developers currently building on, or attempting to join, a Hedera testnet using the Hedera SDKs. To get started building your decentralized application on a Hedera testnet be sure to request a testnet access code.

Community testing phase II

There are still plenty of opportunities coming to test the network and earn hbars. To prepare for phase II of the community testing program, you can still create a Hedera Portal login at and complete your identity verification (KYC). You’ll be placed onto a waiting list, and be among the first notified when phase II of the community testing program goes live.