A balance sheet for our planet

The need for greater security, transparency, and efficiency within industries such as the carbon markets has never been more pressing. For this market to mature, it is essential that accurate granular data can be logged and accessed without corruption and collusion. Guardian on Hedera combines a trust layer for multi-party data with a digital measurement, reporting and verification tool to strengthen workflows that lead to tokenized quantitative outcomes.

Build, deploy, or access sustainability solutions that take full advantage of Hedera’s low energy network, with world class governance. Read Meeco’s Carbon Markets, Tokenization, and the Enterprise Data Challenge.

Minting and Exchanging Climate Assets

Fees on Hedera are low, fixed, denominated in USD, and paid in $HBAR. This means it is affordable for any organization to mint emission tokens, and for suppliers of offsets to mint carbon offset tokens. Hedera makes it extremely fast and cheap to then transact using these minted tokens.

The World’s Most Sustainable Network

In an environmental impact study by UCL comparing different distributed ledger networks, Hedera is proven to be the most sustainable network.

Trusted, Granular, Transparent Data

Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) provides a platform for increasing trust in data. It is a purpose-built tool for creating decentralized auditable logs of immutable and timestamped sustainability data. Once logged, this granular data can be audited and accessed by all parties increasing confidence and transparency, making it harder to cheat.
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NoviqTech delivers sustainable, transformational, and data-driven solutions via the TYMLEZ and NoviqAI brands.

Join the fast-growing Sustainability ecosystem

Startups, enterprises, and government organizations are building the next generation of sustainability solutions on Hedera.

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“We’re excited to start publishing billions of item-level data transactions through the Hedera network to deepen the connection between physical and digital worlds, and enable our customers to continue leading in sustainability and traceability.”

- Max Winograd, VP Connected Products

Get started with Guardian: measurement, reporting, verification, and carbon offset tokens

Dive into these paths to get familiarized with Guardian on Hedera and its impact within sustainability. It has never been easier to stay on top of your sustainability initiatives.

Business Application Developers

Learn how Guardian improves the analysis process to better identify material risks and growth opportunities around your sustainability initiatives.

Technical Application Developers

Create sustainability solutions to track your granular data on Hedera’s low energy network. Take control of your sustainability performance with Guardian.

Credit Sellers/Buyers

Build and deploy on Guardian to ensure that your data is auditable, discoverable, verifiable and comparable. Trustworthy and transparent data eliminates risk.


Get started with Hedera and the Guardian or learn more about Hedera and Sustainability through these resources.


In this paper, the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies team tested whether PoS is more energy-efficient than PoW using a mathematical consumption model that predicts expected energy consumption per transaction, as a function of network load.


This report looks at what enterprises, like banks, brands, and retailers, need to know about carbon markets and how they can get involved in bringing about a lower-carbon world.

Getting Started

Visit the Hedera Developer Docs to stand up a local Guardian instance quickly and to find further information.

Guardian Overview

At the heart of the Guardian solution is a sophisticated Policy Workflow Engine (PWE) that enables applications to offer a requirements-based tokenization implementation.

Guardian v2.0

The Guardian is an open-source digital Measurement, Reporting and Verification dMRV) tool that enables trusted tokenization of sustainability assets. Developers can now create workflows to produce granular data relevant to processes like methodology application.

Gossip About Gossip Podcast

The growing ESG ecosystem being built on Hedera.

Going Carbon Negative at Hedera

Our infrastructure enables programmatic trust in online environments between individuals, organizations, corporations and governments.

Get Started with Hedera

Whether you’re a developer, HBAR enthusiast, or web3 application user, here’s how to get started with Hedera.

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Learn how to start building on Hedera, join the developer community, and contribute to the codebase.
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Start using permissionless dapps built on Hedera, from DeFi protocols to NFT marketplaces and more.
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Learn more about HBAR, Hedera, and use cases. Join the community, get a wallet, and view exchanges.