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The Hedera Guardian

Enabling auditable and credible carbon markets with industry leading trust and transparency.

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Environmental assets based on real-world data

The Hedera Guardian is an open-source platform that leverages the Hedera public distributed ledger network to enable methodologies to be created and dMRV (Digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) to become a reality. By acting as the guard rails for the rulesets in carbon markets, emissions, accounting, and biodiversity the Hedera Guardian provides auditable, traceable, and reproducible records that document the process and lifecycle of environmental assets, which reduces fraud in sustainability markets.

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The environment markets have experienced significant growth, but these challenges must be addressed to ensure their long-term success and impact.

Lack of auditability of sustainable finance

Difficulty in verifying accuracy and reliability of underlying data and metrics.

Analog systems

Exacerbating the problem, as it increases the risk of errors, inconsistencies.

Friction in project audit & verification

Slowing down approval and implementation of ecological projects.

Lack of price transparency

Impeding efficient allocation of capital in these markets.

Sustainability reporting based on estimates

Introducing uncertainty and subjectivity that can undermine credibility and comparability of sustainability data.


The balance sheet of the planet should live on a public ledger

A regenerative economy requires markets that are transparent and accessible to ensure auditable, discoverable, and liquid qualities. Transparency and access to data and information are essential for these markets to function properly.

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Make climate finance Auditable

Ensure climate finance transactions are easily verifiable, publicly transparent, and accurate.

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Digitize & open source methodologies

Fund and encourage development of open source methodologies that lead to high quality assets.

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Scale validation & verification

Scale validation and verification through the growth of existing verification bodies and new orgs in the global south.

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Discover a global carbon price

Exploring the potential for a global carbon price to incentivize climate action through ARMMs and exchanges.

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Make sustainability reporting credible

Developing standards for sustainability reporting to ensure credibility and accuracy using Guardian based assets.

Join the fast-growing sustainability ecosystem

Startups, enterprises, and government organizations are building the next generation of sustainability solutions on Hedera.

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The future of sustainabilityBuild, deploy, or access sustainability solutions that take full advantage of Hedera's low energy network, with world class governance.
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