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HashConnect Part 1 - Secure Signing for dApps Built on Hedera

Apr 05, 2022HashPack Team

HashConnect is an open source library that is developed by the HashPack team. This library enables decentralized applications (dApps) to connect to a user’s wallet and send transactions for them to sign and submit to the Hedera network nodes.

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Meet Strato, a concise yet powerful SDK alternative for JS Devs

Apr 01, 2022Buidler Labs

To build dApps, one has the raw power of the official SDK at their disposal; but what if that's sometimes too much? What if there was a more human-centric way of writing code similar to other mature, well-known tools in this space of Smart Contract development? Tools such as the likes of ethers, hardhat or ganache, to name but a few? Well now you can! Succinct, bold and expressive; programming on Hedera has never been this easy!

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Smart contract rent is coming to Hedera

Apr 01, 2022Gehrig Kunz

All Hedera entities will require renewal fees. Solidity smart contracts are the first. Get to know the lifecycle of entities and your options to design self-sustaining Solidity smart contracts.

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Use Cases for HCS-Based Records in Play-to-Earn/NFT Gaming

Mar 29, 2022John Conway

“Play-to-Earn” gaming has grown to a $3 Billion dollar market in less than a year, and investors are taking notice. The era of play-to-earn gaming has begun, presenting an exciting new frontier for game development – as well as several potential pitfalls. All the risks associated with decentralized finance are also present in play-to-earn, namely smart contract exploits. But the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) offers a solution to these inherent problems.

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Join the Hedera22 Hackathon: Hello Smart Contracts

Mar 17, 2022Lina Tran

Compete for over $400,000 in prizes at the Hedera22 Hackathon: Hello Smart Contracts. Make use of the upgraded Hedera Smart Contract Service in the 6-week hackathon in competition across 16 challenges.

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A better previewnet developer experience

Mar 15, 2022Hedera Team

Through feedback received, the core team has decided to make a change in conjunction with today’s previewnet upgrade to make a best-effort to preserve the previewnet state during a release cycle. With this change, we hope even more developers take advantage of the opportunity to try out upcoming features on Hedera.

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Unblocking and unloading: The speed secrets behind Hedera Smart Contracts 2.0

Mar 10, 2022Hedera Team

The Smart Contracts 2.0 service utilizes the Hyperledger Besu EVM. As part of the preparation a number of performance optimizations were contributed by Hedera to the Hyperleger codebase. Hedera’s implementation is completely open-source but developers of the service have received questions around the specific optimizations implemented and we wanted to summarize what’s been improved.

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Theom Utilizes Hedera Consensus Service to Help Organizations Establish Auditable Zero Trust Data Security

Feb 24, 2022Hedera Team

San Francisco, CA and Dallas, TX - Feb 24, 2022 - Theom, a fully managed Cloud Data Protection Platform that empowers enterprises to protect their data in the cloud, has integrated with the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) to create a tamper-proof, auditable event log, ensuring any action taken on data by Theom or cloud providers is provable.

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Q&A: Hedera NFT Charity Auction Sees $250,000 USD (in HBAR) Donated to Hays Caldwell Women's Center in Dallas

Feb 14, 2022Hedera Team

The proceeds raised over the two auctions, one by Hedera and another organized by the community, amounted to a total 488,766 HBAR (worth $250,000 USD at the time of the auction) and were donated in full to the Hays Caldwell Women's Center in Dallas, to help fund its new project aimed at providing affordable, safe housing for women fleeing abusive homes.