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Smart Contract Rent on Hedera – Part 2: How to Pay

Jan 13, 2023Ed Marquez

Learn how you can get your contracts ready to make rent payments and avoid expiration


Smart Contract Rent on Hedera - Part 1: What You Need to Know

Jan 12, 2023Ed Marquez

This blog post explains Hedera's pricing structure and renewal windows for contract rent payments. Smart contract rent is a key topic of discussion by Leemon and others in the layer 1 network space. Rent fees are an economically and technically viable approach to manage smart contract state storage.


Hedera to host five days of events at Davos 2023 with POLITICO,, Starling Labs, IBM, and more

Jan 10, 2023Hedera Team

10 January 2023 - Hedera, the most innovative, sustainable, enterprise-grade public network for the decentralized economy, has announced the agenda for Hedera Haus at Davos 2023, coinciding with this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF).

How to Make Sure Your Hedera NFT Metadata Is Correct

How to Make Sure Your Hedera NFT Metadata Is Correct

Jan 09, 2023Michiel Mulders

Metadata determines the health of your NFT. How to structure your metadata correctly to make it easier for NFT tooling to scrape and interpret your NFT.

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How to Set Up Foundry to Test Smart Contracts on Hedera

Jan 04, 2023Abi Castro

The ability to write tests for Smart Contracts using solidity allows for more efficient testing leading to catching more bugs early on and providing security to your users. Learn how to set up Foundry on your Hedera project to start testing now!

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LG Art Lab’s latest enhancements leverage unique features of the Hedera network to benefit NFT artists and art lovers

Jan 04, 2023Hedera Team

Las Vegas, NV – CES – Jan 4, 2023 - Since its recent launch on the Hedera network, LG Art Lab has continued to promote innovation and provide accessibility to the digital art world. With the latest upgrades, LG Art Lab further solidifies its position as a leading curator of digital art.

HH Updating the Treasury Management Report

Updating the Treasury Management Report

Dec 22, 2022Betsabe Botaitis

Today we are releasing the updated Hedera Treasury Management Report, which provides a more simplified view of estimated distributions for 2023, including variable commitments based on USD (reforecast every quarter starting in 2023 based on best available fair market value at the time of the reforecast).

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The Worlds Best Pro Cycling Teams Ride Together To Create Road Code - A New Digital Fan Universe

Dec 21, 2022Hedera Team

Copenhagen, Denmark (21/12/22) - Ten of the best professional cycling teams in the world are taking the lead in building their own community-driven online universe for the pro riders themselves, loyal fans, fantasy league players, and amateur cyclists from around the world, all under the platform – Road Code.

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Introducing - an open sourced NFT minter for Hedera

Dec 16, 2022Ashe Oro is an open-sourced Hedera NFT minter which was built to help accelerate the adoption of the Hedera NFT ecosystem.