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Introducing Arkhia

Introducing Arkhia: Empowering Developers on Hedera with Tooling & Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

Feb 07, 2023Arkhia Team

Arkhia empowers Web3 developers on Hedera by providing comprehensive tooling and highly resilient infrastructure for all of your development and API needs.

Hedera token service nft token keys

Hedera Token Service: NFT Token Keys Edge Cases

Feb 07, 2023Michiel Mulders

Learn more about the possibilities of token keys and their edge cases. In this blog post, you'll find technical examples showing you what token keys can do.

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Dell Technologies Joins Hedera Governing Council to help automate distributed ledger technology

Feb 07, 2023Hedera Team

February 7, 2023 - The Hedera Governing Council announced Dell Technologies is the latest company to join the Council to help organizations explore distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Do environment friendly DL Ts exist v1 1

Do environmentally friendly DLTs exist?

Jan 26, 2023Issam Saed

Hedera's commitment to sustainability goes beyond just theory and promises. The network has been implemented in various industries to drive real results in sustainability. Here are a few examples of companies that are using the Hedera technology to improve their environmental and social impact.

2022 Hedera Community Update Banner v1 2

Hedera 2022 Community Update

Jan 24, 2023Michella Cerone

This article showcases an overview of the tremendous growth in retail usage, developer adoption, ecosystem support, and product milestones in 2022 on the open-source, Hedera network.

Contract Traceability Cover

How to Inspect Smart Contract Transactions on Hedera Using Mirror Nodes

Jan 23, 2023Ed Marquez

This tutorial helps smart contract developers understand the traceability information for contract transactions that is provided by the mirror nodes. Specifically, you will learn how to view contract actions, state changes, and logs.

Introducing Inkys Art Club Banner v1 4

Introducing Inky’s Art Club: empowering artists to create the work they love and get paid for it

Jan 20, 2023Matt Smithies

Imagine if any artist in the world could wave their hand and have a platform at their fingertips to continually share their work with their fans for their entire career without a middleman taking a cut, this is the vision of Inky’s Art Club.

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Introducing the NFT Utilities SDK for JavaScript

Jan 16, 2023Michiel Mulders

Learn about all the features of the new Hedera NFT Utilities SDK for JavaScript.


Bringing the Balance Sheet of the Planet to the Public Ledger

Jan 15, 2023Nilmini Rubin

From ensuring supply-chain accountability to the discoverability of tokenized assets and liquidity in markets, DLT is inspiring an open-source, publicly auditable reimagining of ESG from the ground up.