Curv Deepens Digital Asset Security for Hedera HBAR with MPC Technology
Apr 02, 2020
by Hedera Team
Hedera is the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public network for the decentralized economy.

Curv Empowers Enterprises to Build Enterprise-grade Wallet Functionality into Hedera Apps, Delivers Native Support for HBAR

New York, NY -- April 2, 2020 -- Today Curv, the world’s most trusted digital asset security platform, announced that Hedera Hashgraph has selected it as a preferred security technology partner to empower enterprises to build the most secure wallet functionality into applications built on the Hedera public DLT network, using Curv’s unique multi-party computation (MPC) technology. Curv will also provide native support for HBAR, the Hedera network’s native cryptocurrency, making it safer, easier, and faster for digital asset exchanges to list and manage HBAR. Curv’s new and existing customers will automatically be able to store and transact with HBAR.

Today’s legacy solutions introduce a single point of failure -- private keys -- and force suboptimal tradeoffs between security, liquidity, and control. Such solutions are simply not adaptable enough for the breadth of digital assets and numerous workflows in the market now. In addition, many legacy wallet solutions do not work well together, a classic interoperability problem. This can impair an institution’s ability to do business effectively by limiting the parties with whom they can transact.

Curv’s cloud-based, MPC wallet service resolves these limitations and eliminates any single point of failure and the need for a private key. The company’s mathematically secure, off-chain, and distributed approach delivers the safest, most reliable, and scalable way to sign transactions and manage any digital asset on any ledger. In doing so, Curv provides the bulletproof protection, instant liquidity, and complete control required for institutions to thrive in the digital economy.

“We’re thrilled to add a world-renowned leader like Hedera and HBAR to our fast-growing portfolio of institutional customers and supported assets,” said Itay Malinger, Co-founder and CEO of Curv. “Our customers need the freedom to securely hold, trade, and interact with any digital asset on any ledger. Curv and Hedera’s integration makes it easy for exchanges, custodians, OTC desks, and any financial institution to adopt HBAR.”

Hedera aims to resolve four fundamental issues preventing mainstream market adoption of public ledger technology — performance, security, stability, and governance.

Hedera is the only public ledger that uses hashgraph consensus, a faster and more secure alternative to blockchain consensus mechanisms. Hashgraph works efficiently to verify transactions, while ensuring the highest standard of security to prevent malicious attacks. Hashgraph achieves high-throughput with thousands of cryptocurrency transactions per second and low-latency finality in seconds, by leveraging its innovative virtual voting protocol. Once consensus is reached, it is available on the public ledger for everyone to transparently see.

“Many enterprises building applications on top of the Hedera network are looking for a robust, secure, digital asset wallet and custody solution that they can easily integrate into their application,” said Lionel Chocron, Chief Product Officer at Hedera. “We believe Curv’s wallet and custody solution, and native support for HBAR, will be tremendously valuable to organizations looking to build enterprise-grade application on the Hedera network.”

About Curv

Curv is the world’s most trusted digital asset security platform. Curv is setting a new institutional standard for digital asset security by using keyless cryptography to deliver the world's most secure, versatile, and scalable digital asset security solutions. Curv’s unique MPC platform gives institutions the bulletproof protection, instant availability, and total autonomy over digital assets required to thrive in the digital economy. The company is the only institutional, cloud-based, MPC wallet provider for digital assets and the first of its kind to achieve SOC2 Type II Certification. Curv is swiftly being adopted by leading exchanges, custodians, OTC desks and brokers, traditional financial institutions, and digital asset managers. Curv is supported by investors Digital Currency Group, Team8, Flybridge Capital Partners, Jump Capital, and Monex Group. Founded in 2018, Curv is headquartered in New York with research and development offices in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

About Hedera

Hedera is a decentralized public network where anyone can carve out a piece of cyberspace to transact, play, and socialize in a secure, trusted environment. Developers can build secure, fair, blazing-fast decentralized applications on top of the Hedera platform. Co-founders Dr. Leemon Baird and Mance Harmon invented and developed the ground-breaking hashgraph technology after working at the United States Air Force Academy and as founders of Trio Security, BlueWave Security, and Swirlds, Inc.

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