Announcing the 2020 Hedera MVPs
Mar 19, 2020
by Cooper Kunz
Developer Evangelist

A Hedera MVP works hard to grow, foster and educate the Hedera community. These individuals have gone above and beyond as volunteers in that capacity. Whether it is talking about Hedera with their friends & colleagues, contributing to the next big open source project, planning a meetup/conference, or shipping a decentralized application to mainnet; these talented, inspiring individuals are key to moving the Hedera network forward at all different levels. Thus, we’re very excited to introduce you to the 2020 Hedera MVPs.

What does it take to become an MVP?

  • Contribute
    • MVPs have demonstrated their ability to provide relevant insights into the fast-moving world of web 3.0. Whether training new developers, speaking at conferences, or writing blog posts – helping educate is key to a Hedera MVP.
  • Share
    • MVPs are key enablers for those new to Hedera or seasoned veterans. Answering questions in Discord, Stack overflow, Telegram, etc., are keyways to scale our collective understanding, and help promote the welcoming community Hedera is proud to have.

Why become an MVP?

  • Recognition as a leader in the Hedera and blockchain community.
  • Opportunities to engage with industry leaders, write articles and speak at key events.
  • Direct & unique support from the Hedera team.
  • Private meetings, chats, and interactions between other MVPs.
  • Bragging rights to your friends, and other blockchain engineers!
  • Official Hedera swag.

View the 2020 MVPs.

Want to nominate an MVP?

If you know anyone who is a good candidate for Hedera’s MVP Program, or if we forgot to include someone that is already a leader in the ecosystem, let us know! If you didn’t get nominated or achieve the MVP title this year; don’t fret. This group will reset at the end of each year to highlight those contributing. If you have any questions, please get in touch at [email protected].