Getting Started Improvements
Aug 14, 2020
by Cooper Kunz
Developer Evangelist

At Hedera, we’re constantly looking at ways that we can improve our onboarding experience for new developers and enthusiasts joining our community - always with a goal to become the most widely used distributed public ledger in the market.

I’m excited to share the first of many forthcoming changes to the Hedera website, portal, and documentation that we’ve made as part of these ongoing efforts.

On our website, we have a new page -


This showcases three ideal paths for developers coming into the Hedera ecosystem. Users can choose to get set up with a quick start, which walks them through network onboarding, configuring their environment, and submitting their first transactions to the network in their favorite languages including Java, JavaScript, or Go.


They can also dive directly into a variety of longer-form written and video tutorials, which cover everything from building a decentralized message queue with the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) to standing up a Hyperledger Fabric network which uses HCS as a public ordering service.


Perhaps the most in depth portion of the improvements - developers can now dive into one of the many starter projects and demo applications we have, which are available in a variety of different programming languages. These include excellent references on building projects like a decentralized chat application, stablecoin issuance with HCS, a proof-of-action microservice, and even a way to track payments and settlements.


Additionally on the “getting started” page, we have a variety of resources for consumers, product managers, and enthusiasts new to the community. This includes links to the Hedera Learning Center, details about how to quickly create new Hedera Accounts, information about the Hedera Governing Council, and the many companies building on the network.


We hope that these new resources are a great first step in making Hedera more approachable, easier to use, and especially build game-changing applications with.

If you have any ideas for how we can improve this onboarding experience, please send them my way! We are offering what I like to call “HBAR micro-grants” through the Hedera Heroes and Boost programs if you’d like to contribute programming tutorials, starter projects, or other content that makes it easier for those new to the Hedera community.

Get in touch with me through the Hedera Discord, or email at [email protected].