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Hedera Token Service

Configure, mint, and manage native fungible and non-fungible tokens on the Hedera network.

Native tokenization at the speed of hashgraph

Public and private blockchains offering tokenization carry the burden of expensive fees or upfront infrastructure costs, slow transaction speeds, complexity in managing governance, and regulatory obstacles. The Hedera Token Service enables configuring, managing, and transferring native fungible and non-fungible tokens on the public Hedera network.

It offers incredibly high-throughput, low fees, and compliance configurations. There's even native on-chain programmability using API calls for atomic swaps and configuration of custom royalties — and for more complex programming, the Token Service is integrated into the Hedera Smart Contract service.

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Building on the Hedera Token Service

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Hedera Token Service offers an opportunity to embrace the disruption of public DLTs for payments in a secure, compliant, and performant manner. Enable secure, real-time, and cost-effective payments in your own stablecoin or cryptocurrency.

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Financial services

Tokenized assets change the way ownership and value exchange is defined. Hedera Token Service enables the minting, management, and transfer of fungible and non-fungible assets that are representative of physical or digital goods.

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Supply chain

Verify the authenticity of digital or physical items and track products throughout a supply chain. Non-fungible tokens are configured, issued, and managed natively using the Hedera Token Service.

Energy & sustainability

The sustainability and societal impact of businesses is more critical than ever. Hedera Token Service enables cost reductions and greater efficiencies for renewable energy credit (REC) marketplaces and platforms, enabling companies to meet their sustainability goals.

Go fast and far with the Hedera ecosystem


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"HTS will provide developers and businesses unrivaled new ways to tokenize and issue assets of all types and getting the superior benefits of the underlying hashgraph consensus. We are actively looking at ways of leveraging the HTS for tokenization." — Rob Allen, Entrepreneur in Residence

Financial Services

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"The native account-based compliance configurations found within HTS enables us to meet regulatory requirements and enhance TOKO's ability to empower value creation." — Scott Thiel, Partner

Decentralized Finance

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"Hedera has some obvious advantages to other L1 blockchains, including speed, trust, and cost, and allows us to think pretty openly and get creative about what a DEX can be and what kind of functionality we can offer." — Peter Campbell, Co-Founder


Ecosystem RECDE Fi
"Through using HTS, RECDEFi will transform how clean energy and carbon attributes are transacted — this will spur new decentralized financial products that accelerate investment in the zero-carbon resources needed to fight climate change." — Atticus Francken, Co-Founder
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“DLA Piper has long been supporting the development of the Hedera Token Service from initial concept through to mainnet availability. We can’t wait to see the applications built using this service both internally, such as our TOKO tokenization platform, and by developers in the Hedera ecosystem.”

Scott Thiel

Why tokenize with Hedera?


Fungible and non-fungible tokens deployed using the Hedera Token Service offer native programmability, such as atomic swaps and scheduled transactions, for on-chain functionality as efficient as hashgraph.

Native Tokens

Tokens issued with the Hedera Token Service are native to Hedera. They adopt the same performance, security, and efficiency as hbar.

Low, Predictable Fees

Hedera Token Service offers low and predictable transaction fees on the Hedera public network — it costs less than 1¢ USD to transfer any sum of a tokenized asset.

Configurable Compliance

Key and token configurations at the account level offer the flexibility to meet compliance needs, including KYC verification and freeze, token supply management, transfer, and more.

Enterprise Governance

Hedera's decentralized governing body of global organizations ensures network stability, decentralized decision making, and a no-fork guarantee.


Independent third-party audits performed by FP Complete for the Hedera Token Service and the Hedera ledger software.

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“Calaxy is excited to build the first true creator economy using the Hedera Token Service (HTS) on the public Hedera network. HTS offers the performance, security, low fees, and configurable compliance needed to bring digital assets into the mainstream and adopted by millions of users.”

Spencer Dinwiddie
Founder and CEO

Low, predictable development costs

Hedera's fee schedule is set by the Hedera Governing Council and always based in USD — making development costs easy to predict and estimate. You can estimate fees on Hedera using the fee calculator.

*Hedera does not guarantee the accuracy of the fees on this page. You understand that You are solely responsible for payment of any actual fees charged to the account by the Hedera Network and Hedera will not be responsible for any discrepancies in the fees estimated and the actual fees charged.

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Mint and manage tokens

Quickly create your own tokens with Hedera Token Service to manage assets with the predictable fees and fast finality of Hedera.


Define token
  • Define token
  • Transfer token
  • Get balance
//Create the transaction and optionally freeze for manual signing

const transaction = await new TokenCreateTransaction()

.setTokenName("Your Token Name")






//Sign the transaction with the token adminKey and the token treasury account private key

const signTx = await (await transaction.sign(adminKey)).sign(treasuryKey);

//Sign the transaction with the client operator private key and submit to a Hedera network

const txResponse = await signTx.execute(client);
//Create the transfer transaction

const transaction = await new TransferTransaction()

.addTokenTransfer(tokenId, accountId1, -10)

.addTokenTransfer(tokenId, accountId2, 10)


//Sign with the sender account private key

const signTx = await transaction.sign(accountKey1);

//Sign with the client operator private key and submit to a Hedera network

const txResponse = await signTx.execute(client);
//Create the query

const query = new AccountBalanceQuery()


//Sign with the client operator private key and submit to a Hedera network

const tokenBalance = await query.execute(client);

console.log("The token balance(s) for this account: " +tokenBalance.tokens);
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Tokenization resources

Here are a few resources to start your journey of tokenizing native fungible and non-fungible tokens on Hedera.

A network for decentralized applications

Explore other Hedera network services to enable fast payments and manage files.

Consensus Service

Build directly on hashgraph

Record immutable, verifiable, and fairly ordered event data for any application or permissioned blockchain framework.

Smart Contract Service

Run Solidity smart contracts

Deploy smart contracts in popular languages including Solidity and Vyper to create decentralized applications and protocols.


Hedera's cryptocurrency

Use hbars, the Hedera network's native cryptocurrency, in smart contracts for collateral, staking, and other use cases.

Ready to start building?

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