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Real-time digital payments are exploding globally; by 2023, digital transaction values are expected to reach $6.7T. DLTs enable the next generation of digital payments and store of value, ushering in the creation and utilization of cryptocurrency micropayments, stablecoins, and CBDCs.

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Asset tokenization is the process by which an issuer creates digital tokens on a distributed ledger or blockchain, which represent either digital or physical assets. Tokenized assets can either be fungible or non-fungible.

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Data integrity

Data integrity is succinctly explained as proving digital or real-world actions for data compliance and auditing purposes. Oftentimes, regulators force organizations to take extra precaution when it comes to data compliance, such as through GDPR and CCPA laws. There is no objective way to prove to the customer that data has been handled and enforced appropriately. The solution is to amplify trust around data compliance by providing a publicly auditable log of actions taken and to provide tools to consumers to audit their own data.