By joining the program, Enterprise Application Providers, Advisory & Consulting firms, and Technical Integrators have the opportunity of incorporating Hedera into their offerings, unlocking value for their customers and driving growth of their business.

Whether you serve start-ups on the cutting edge of disruption or established Fortune 500 companies embarking on a digital transformation, we welcome you to join us in building the future of web3.

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Hedera Partner Types


Enterprise Application Providers assist their customer to streamline core business processes, enter new markets, and modernize their legacy systems. Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating Hedera into your client-facing services and products to future-proof your business across a wide range of use cases.

Advisory & Consulting Firms

Advisory & Consulting firms are instrumental in driving adoption of Hedera in Fortune 500 organizations applying their deep domain expertise, technical knowledge and enterprise implementation skills. Work directly with clients as a trusted business consultant and technical advisor, using Hedera to turn their digital transformations visions into actionable roadmaps.

Technical Integrators

Technical integrators apply their breadth of expertise across various domains, technologies, and development stack to drive startup & enterprise adoption of Hedera. Get trained and contracted to build decentralized applications in the Hedera ecosystem and support development of the Hedera codebase.
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Working together to build the future of web3

Unique Differentiation

Utilize Hedera's unique tokenization, smart contract, and consensus services to expand your offering. Hedera offers performance, stability and low, predictable fees to support a wide range of application use cases.

Lead Generation & Revenue

Grow your offering by working with the Hedera ecosystem to generate business and boost revenue. Deliver tooling and support to the broader Hedera ecosystem, independent applications, and Hedera Governing Council projects.

Training & Enablement

Sharpen your developer toolkit with access to a library of comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and demonstration code. Gain exclusive access to Developer Advocates and engage with a rich community of partners and technologists.

Sales & Marketing Support

Leverage marketing resources to build awareness through exclusive opportunities for blog postings, press releases, webinars, podcasts and other partner-focused lead-generating activities.

Join the innovative organizations partnering with Hedera