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Hedera Boost

Build, launch, and grow your startup on Hedera.

To launch day and beyond

From making sure you have the right architecture, to showcasing your project to the world, Hedera Boost connects you with what you need to be successful. If you're building on Hedera, then the Hedera Boost startup program is open and ready for your application.


Technical help

Access exclusive mentorship opportunities, technical support channels, and network with the Hedera Boost community.

Transaction support

Receive $1,000 USD worth of hbar a month for 3 months to cover your initial Hedera transaction fees.

Marketing promotion

Leverage Hedera’s marketing resources to grow awareness through blog posts, PR, and other future Boost-specific activities.

Community resources

Get free inside access to, and support for, Hedera ecosystem tools

Hedera Boost FAQ

Found below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Hedera Boost startup program. Please visit our full FAQ for other common questions.

Who can apply to Hedera Boost?

Hedera Boost is open for any project to apply. Your project can be at any stage, but it is critical that you plan to or are actively using a Hedera network service or supporting technology.

Submissions will be approved at the sole discretion of Hedera Hashgraph. Eligibility for Hedera Boost is not guaranteed upon meeting the above criteria, and participation in this program is at Hedera’s sole discretion.

Is Hedera Boost an accelerator?

No, Hedera Boost is not an incubator or accelerator. Future Hedera Boost sponsored hackathons intend to partner with organizations like the Helix Accelerator to allow for further opportunities.

Will I be notified of my application status updates?

Absolutely, the team will respond to your application within a week of its submission. While we won't be able to support everyone, we will try our best to and communicate with you along the way.

Are there further details about how hbar is disbursed?

Additional terms may apply, including those published at Note that any distributions may be taxable to you, and Hedera may request additional information from you either before or after the distributions are made. We do not guarantee any monetary value associated with hbars.

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