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All our services are belong to you

Aug 06, 2020Brady Gentile

Since open access of the Hedera mainnet on September 16th, 2019, we’ve openly discussed and placed milestones on our product roadmap to open source all of Hedera’s developer tools and network services — including the Consensus Service, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract, and File Service.

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Hedera Engineering Insights | July 2020

Aug 05, 2020Brady Gentile

Hedera recently hosted its very first monthly “Engineering Insights” webinar, hosted by Donald Thibeau, Director of Product Management, and attended by members of the Hedera developer community.

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HumanKind: getting started with Hedera and DragonGlass

Jul 27, 2020The HumanKind Team

By leveraging the resources available from Hedera and DragonGlass, HumanKind went from having no prior experience with Hedera Hashgraph, to building a robust, award-winning decentralized marketplace in a few short weeks. Learn more about the application they started building during the Hedera20 virtual hackathon, which uses cryptoeconomic incentive mechanisms to award good deeds, and hear direct technical insights from their team in this blog post.

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The Hedera previewnet is now live

Jul 23, 2020Hedera Team

The Hedera previewnet will use a codebase that's still under development by the Hedera team. It’s designed to offer developers early exposure to features and functionalities that will eventually make their way to the mainnet.

Eftpos Pioneers New E Commerce Micropayments Solution Using Hedera Hashgraph

eftpos Pioneers New eCommerce Micropayments Solution Using Hedera Hashgraph

Jul 22, 2020Hedera Team

Dallas, TX, and Sydney - 22 July 2020 - eftpos Payments Australia is collaborating with global distributed ledger company, Hedera Hashgraph, on a micropayments proof-of-concept that aims to create a seamless Australian payment experience for web users by providing an alternative to traditional online paywalls and subscriptions.

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AdsDax surpasses 1 billion ad events recorded on Hedera Hashgraph’s Mainnet

Jul 09, 2020The AdsDax Team

Swansea, UK — 9 July 2020 — AdsDax, a decentralized advertising platform and marketplace to create, buy, verify, and sell advertising, has recorded over 1 billion advert events on the Hedera Hashgraph mainnet, marking the biggest ever effort by any ad-tech provider to shift the advertising industry towards blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

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Mirror node software (beta) and tools now available — including one-click deploy in Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Jul 07, 2020Hedera Team

Everyone now has access to real-time and historical raw data files for the Hedera testnet and mainnet via public AWS and GCP buckets. In addition, the Hedera-ETL tool and beta mirror node software is available, including one-click deploy in GCP Marketplace.

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Dogfooding at Hedera: Trust Bucket for verifiable object storage with Amazon S3 and Hedera Consensus Service

Jul 07, 2020Brady Gentile

Hedera has brought verifiability and transparency to the PDFs on with "Trust Bucket" — a hackathon submission for Hedera20 that offers verifiable object storage for Amazon S3 using the Hedera Consensus Service.

Why Is There No Slashing In Hedera’S Proof Of Stake

Hedera Technical Insights: Why is there no Slashing in Hedera's Proof of Stake?

Jul 07, 2020Paul Madsen

In Proof of Stake (PoS) systems, 'slashing' refers to the possibility of a node determined to be breaking the rules of the protocol being punished by the loss of some or all of the stake (coins) they had put forward.