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[Update] Developer Mainnet Program: There's Still Time!

Jul 10, 2019Gehrig Kunz

We've extended the deadline to apply for the developer mainnet program to July 30th. Connect your app to Hedera and earn up to 100,000 hbars.

Hedera Technical Insights: Proxy Staking on Hedera

Jun 27, 2019Paul Madsen

Proxy staking in Hedera hashgraph will allow the stake of millions of account holders to be used towards consensus even if not directly participating as a node. Nodes will receive significant compensation for staking, to incentivize them to do all the effort of being a node. Proxy stakers will also receive very small amounts in order to incentivize them to do the small amount of effort of choosing reliable nodes to which they can proxy stake.

Our Contrarian Approach - Validated

Jun 22, 2019Mance Harmon

The hardest part of starting a company is selling your vision to the world. Hedera was built on the belief that there is a middle ground between the network effects enabled by a fully decentralized public network, and the stability brought about by enterprise governance.

Pulling back the curtain on the Hedera Consensus Service

Jun 20, 2019Hedera Hashgraph

One of the key attributes of the hashgraph algorithm, which we have highlighted over the years, is the concept of fairness, and in particular, fairness of ordering. We believe it should be difficult for a small group of attackers to unfairly influence the order of transactions that is chosen as the consensus, and that no ‘leader’ or other party should be able to control transaction order.

The Hedera Consensus Service: Beyond Smart Contracts

Jun 20, 2019Mance Harmon

The digital landscape is dominated by centralized application services and centralized data servers. We hope the organizations that operate these services are trustworthy, and that they will be honest and treat their users fairly.

Hedera Technical Insights: Rent on Hedera

Jun 14, 2019Paul Madsen

Hedera charges rent for storing crypto accounts, files, and smart contracts in the consensus state maintained by all nodes to both guard against that state growing without bound and to fund payments to those nodes to compensate for their storage costs.

Ready to launch a dapp? Here’s a helping HBAR

Jun 13, 2019Gehrig Kunz

There’s now one more reason to build your next great decentralized application on Hedera – we’re expanding our community testing program with further rewards for developers. Earn up to 100,000 ℏ by launching an app on Hedera.

Combating deepfakes with distributed ledgers

Jun 10, 2019Paul Madsen

A deepfake is a growing problem, a fraudulent copy of an authentic video or image, manipulated to create an erroneous interpretation of the events. A distributed ledger can play a role in establishing the provenance of a video and therefore aid in combating deepfakes.

Community testing phase II just started! Why the pause?

May 20, 2019Christian Hasker

Over the weekend we paused Phase II of the Community Testing Program.The reason was that we saw a small handful of users gaming the rewards system of the Hedera Portal website that has since been resolved; the ledger itself was not affected.