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Javscript DID SDK

­­Now Available: Hedera JavaScript DID SDK

Aug 02, 2021Daniel Norkin

We at Envision Blockchain are happy to announce the release of the open-source Hedera JavaScript DID SDK and continued maintenance into the foreseeable future.


Standard Bank: An analysis of decentralized bond marketplaces

Jul 30, 2021Gideon Rossouw

Gideon Rossouw, DTL Innovation Analyst at Standard Bank Group, presents an overview of the traditional bond marketplace, its challenges to be overcome through the use of public distributed ledger technology, and the importance of creating a decentralized economy.

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Filecoin and Hedera Hashgraph Announce Grant Program to Propel Web3 Interoperability

Jul 27, 2021Hedera Team

Today, Filecoin and Hedera Hashgraph are announcing a joint effort to advance the interoperability of Web3. Starting with a USD $200,000 grants program and an initial demo implementation for NFT use cases, the long-term vision is a full range of distributed ledger solutions, including distributed consensus, storage, and smart data applications, that combine the strengths of both networks.

Bitrue Expands Hedera Support With Tune fm JAM Token

Bitrue Expands Hedera Support With JAM Token

Jul 23, 2021Hedera Team

July 23 2021 - Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue has today announced that their support for the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem is expanding, as they provide their community with the ability to list a new Hedera project on Bitrue through their votes.

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Acoer’s RightsHash™ Builds on Hedera to Pioneer Decentralized Management and Protection of User’s Rights

Jul 22, 2021Hedera Team

Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX — July 22nd, 2021 — Acoer, has launched RightsHash, a decentralized software engine implemented using serverless, open APIs that provides an easy means to represent and manage an individual’s rights and protections as discrete, globally unique digital assets.

Blogpost Hedera LCX

Hedera Hashgraph and LCX To Develop Infrastructure For Digital Securities

Jul 19, 2021Hedera Team

Richardson, Texas, USA, Monday, 19th July 2021 - Liechtenstein Blockchain Innovator, LCX today announces a strategic partnership with Hedera Hashgraph.

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Q3 2021 distribution for SAFT Exchange Offer participants

Jul 16, 2021Hedera Team

Hedera will distribute approximately 739,548 coins during Q3 2021 to who are participating in the SAFT Exchange Offer.

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Now available: Public mainnet mirror node managed by Hedera

Jun 25, 2021Hedera Team

We are happy to announce the availability of a publicly accessible, free-to-use, mainnet Mirror Node operated by the Hedera team. This non-production mainnet Mirror Node is meant to support developers who are beginning their journey of building on Hedera, who want to receive and verify transaction data for their application without needing to operate a mainnet Mirror Node themselves.

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Sustainable building blocks with Hedera Hashgraph

Jun 17, 2021Wes Geisenberger

Being green is more than being carbon neutral. Being green also means building the future in a way that carbon neutrality is transparent, easily traceable, and accountable in carbon markets. This is not an overnight process, and we’re just at the beginning of our journey, but here’s what we’re doing to make this happen.